A blue van was wheeled wildly out of a street junction into the major road, heading for a roundabout linked to two other routes. The van went for the left route after the roundabout and headed south. 

The pace was random and the van only slowed down when it got confronted by trucks and there was really nowhere to pass through. 

The Road Safety team had known the van for violent rides, and have missed it twice and more after strenuous hot pursuits. This time, the van was pulled over by the Road Safety team on sight. 

They knew the van and it wasn't getting out of their sight this time. 

They pulled the van up. A man stepped down from the driver's seat. He had a blue overall on. After five minutes he was able to part away from the scene. The Road Safety officials were cool with his handshake. He had paid double of what they'd demanded and that never made them suspicious. 

They cleared the van off their list of wanted vehicles and that was farewell for both parties. 

Allen street, Ikorodu. The van stopped in front of a bungalow, reversed in a way that the car was backing the house. 

The truck opened at both sides and three men jumped down randomly. 

They had nose masks on, rakes in hands and went straight for the gutters. 

The street was quiet enough with few people moving from end to end. 

Two of the men acting as cleaners watched the road, while the last man moved closer to the fence as he engaged in a suspicious observation. 


Ayo knew the news would do more harm to everything that was happening, and he was careful this time with actions. 

He cared less if his plans were going to get exposed, but he was still going to get to end of the matter. 

He already dropped a call about going to see Precious in the late night and now, he was on his way back to the office to see Daniel. 

The call came from Daniel as he bailed out of Luta's house, before the police and the ambulance came in. 

He was at the office before 6 and he headed straight for Daniel's small office. 

It had been a while. Recent meetings had been held in his office and this was a bit more important. 

Nothing really had changed. 

The shelves were still where they used to be and the desk, unchanged. The interior decorations were still rigid and odd. 

Ayo whisked, his hands against his nose as he bailed off sweat. 

He dropped it on his table and smiled. 

"What's the issue?" He asked. 

Daniel took his time and tried clearing his table a bit, so he could be chanced to rest his hands. 

"We just got a call from our primary suspect's house. He has been attacked." 

Ayo gave that surprised look as he managed to fake an anxious look.  

"I don't know what this is about, but I think this is way bigger than we thought it would." 

"I know it is, but we can't arrest him yet like you said. Even if you are not saying that, I can't arrest him. He proves clean. His fingerprint was at none of the scenes, but he is just connected somehow." 

Ayo flashed a smile. He took a pen up and dropped it. He felt proud all of a sudden of Daniel; the way he was handling the case and his loyalty. He felt he could tell him more about the whole case, but he wasn't going to, not now. 

"The Stella lady!" Ayo said. Daniel looked up, his face long as he narrowed a determined gaze. 

"I found a few things from the photo study,  firsthand officer report and witness report." 

"What's it?" Daniel asked, willing to know more. 

"Her rug was freshly washed. Not all. Just a part of it in the living room. 

And it smelled like juice." 

Daniel sighed as he listened. 

"I think there was blood spill. The dining room was disorganized and there were signs of struggle in the kitchen." 

"What are you thinking?" Daniel asked. 

"She was killed in the living room and the killer tried to get rid of her blood stain. He washed the rug and poured juice on it for cover up, so no one would even guess a thing." Ayo explained. 

"But the knife..." He continued. He wasn't going to say this but it jumped out and he couldn't hold it back. 

"I think some people on the force have hands in this," Ayo said slowly and carefully.

"The knife still can't implicate the guy." 

"I think the Luta guy is innocent enough, but it  is all tied to him.

You said you also found that type of knife in his house?" Daniel asked. 

"The fingerprint on the knife is his," Ayo slammed. He only wanted to prove connection. 

Daniel frowned. He pulled in a deep breath not knowing what next to say as his eyes scanned his shelf. His hands touched his lips and he pushed it slightly forward. 

"We need to watch the guy and see what else he has in his head. He knows a lot more than we think he does, but I think we are not asking the right questions." 

"What then are the right questions?" Daniel asked. 

"Let's find out," Ayo said.

"But we need to set up plans and act like we are against each other. To him, I am not a detective, I work with his clinic. He won't like you because you arrested and questioned him." 

Daniel a bit tired looked away stopping Ayo from speaking any further. 

Ayo waited for Daniel's attention to be back, then he spoke on. 

"We need to meet with the witness one on one. Luta on the other hand might be involved and might just be trying to play us." 

Daniel nodded in agreement. 

"You went to see him today?" 

"Yes, I did, and I caused the accident." Ayo confessed. He shrugged as he adjusted himself on the chair. 

"I hit him on the face and hit the emergency button. I wanted the authority to know he was in danger with proof. Then I would file an appeal for him to be relocated to a more secured facility." Ayo said. 

"For what reason?" Daniel asked. 

Ayo flashed a smile. He took his time out as he pretended not to have an answer and after a minute, he spoke up. 

"So we can spy on anyone trying to spy on him."