In My head Eps 21 

Ayo pulled up outside Precious' flat. He removed his tag and everything that would make Precious smell a thing on him. He had always tried to hide the detective thing from her, them and everyone who mattered. Not a person knew he was a detective, and how he did that was simple. Those who knew him for so long knew he was into the police thing a time ago and then stopped. That was all. He had tried so hard to make people not notice him. Only those who stayed around his work station and saw him go to work frequently knew. Most times, he worked from home. He hadn't been covering crime scenes also. Daniel had done the work on major cases and brought him feedback. 

There was a time he got questioned before he moved permanently to his new flat. The fact that he was married made things worse. It was going to be difficult to maintain a family without a job. His wife seemed to be living finer than those whose husbands never stayed at home all for the sake of work, good works. 

His landlord got questioned by his neighbours on how long he stayed at home and how he went out only on few occasions. It got heated up after a while, when omens about him being into iniquitous acts came up. He was called into the landlord's house one night with the ambience placed up like nothing was wrong. He got served cold juice and rejected it. Pounded yam came by and the landlord's wife served his' again before the conversation with the landlord was over. He rejected and she frowned. He then called back for the juice and that was all he took. 

His eyes off the landlord's face while he took a sip, then back, his attention would get firmed as he picked details from the conversation again. 

The little boys in the living room made it hell. They were too playful and they made the landlord scream at them to stop the noise. 

After an hour, nothing meaningful was said except the gist section the landlord never wanted to end. He concluded quickly that Ayo was a good man. The fact that the talk was all the way political, and Ayo being against what he was against in the system, made them look like a duo. 

The landlord thought to himself, 'That wasn't enough,' he shrugged in contrition, 'I didn't talk about his work.' Another part of his thoughts worded, 'You'd see him again.' 

He went to bed a little calm for the night. The conversation with Ayo was one he wanted  again. 

Ayo sat abaft his wheels, restrained by his seatbelt. He looked right for his phone and dialled Precious' number. He had to speak to her. 

The line wasn't going through. He tried again-dead end. While on the third try, he got cut out by a call from his wife. She wasn't nagging this time and was so soft like she had intentions of screaming at the latter end. 

"Baby!" He countered softly. 

"I would be home soon." He added. 

He could detect the smile from the other end and he knew what it meant. 

He wasn't going to make her unhappy this time. He wasn't going to expose himself, not now. He relaxed so she wouldn't sniff a thing from his tone. The next question he heard threw him off balance. 

"Ayo! Where are you?" 


Precious got home distraught. She threw her bag on the couch, ignored her brothers and made it to the kitchen. 

She opened one or two pots and found rice. She picked a plate and served herself. 

The stew was healthy, just healthy. It tasted nothing like what she would make. She needed none to gossip to her who made the soup. 

Her stomach growled after the fourth spoon, before she got tired at the tenth spoon.

She pushed her plate away, determined to get her phone and speak with Ayo. No, she wouldn't! He lied to her. She hated liars all of a sudden, but feared having to go against herself. 

She was in the living room after freshening up, her laptop on the center table as she scrolled through the files on her laptop. 

She touched her forehead in despair. Her eyes went left and the temptation came again. 

She picked up the phone and forwarded a call to Ayo. 

The phone rang, and a click came from the other end. 

"Hey!" It wasn't the usual sharp voice. This one seemed stressed out and weak. Something was wrong, she need not be told. Her heart shrank with compassion all of a sudden, and her objective to the mission was aborted. She wasn't going to be mad at him. She was simply going to ask if she could come see him. 

The first two minutes were blank. She didn't even know much about him. 

They had always met at place that never looked like where he really lived. He was like a perfect mystery man. 

"Ayo, can I come see you?" She said, her voice edgy like an arrow head, with a suppressed tone. 

"No, sweet. I am on my way now." He said, and before she could say a word more, he ended the call. 

Her heart thumbed faster as she lowered the phone to her eye level. She tried to stare at her laptop's lid again and everything went blurry. The headache hit her from a whole new angle, and she felt a veil of dizziness get thrown at her.