The cold was a major blast and as Luta tried to find his way out of his sleep, he threw his hands around and nothing triggered him to wake until he touched his pillow. He opened his eyes swiftly like he had not been doing this for too long.
He had slept off too long, his eyes went for the door. It was shut. His eyes moved across the room again for the bathroom. The tap was turned on and water was running, hitting the tub violently. He had memorized that sound. He took an air of relief as he walked across the room. The sun poured in through the opened window, then he pulled down the curtain.
The artificial illumination was all he had left. He touched his head for a refill of past memories. He found none. He couldn’t even figure out what had happened over the night. He looked again and his box was gone, the cash he had won was gone too. His watch and few other valuables were gone too. No one had to tell that he had been robbed. Not again!
He rushed for the bathroom door and he found no one. He returned to the room and he touched all he could. The most important thing was not missing- his smart card. He found it where he had kept it. He blamed himself for sleeping too deep. Then he thought, ‘What’s next? Plan B.’

Luta checked his table and he found all he had asked her to do on the table. She must have finished all he had asked her to do before the thoughts of running off with his stuffs hit her.
Luta called on room service and he asked for breakfast. His room telephone rang after three minutes. He raised the receiver and he frowned.
“Hey boss! I have done what you asked me to do.”
It was the guy he had asked to write him the same note.
“Ohhh! How come you have my line?”
“It's your room line.”
Luta looked down, his eyes on the receiver. He whisked and passed the rest of the information in a hurry.
“Take the note and box it up. Go to Ikeja City mall, hall five. Just chill around and someone will come to pick it up.”
“Ok!” The voice said and the line went off.

The room service guy lowered his phone, planting a crazy smile, he faced the other man in the room who was now looking away from a computer screen.
“He wants me to take it to Ikeja!”
Any more details?”
“No.” The room service guy replied.
“Thanks. Deliver it, we will be on the watch.”
The room service guy tucked his phone in his pocket and he adjusted his uniform.
“Anything else?" He asked as he rubbed his hands together.
The man looked up, his fat face closed in on his nose as he chewed on the inside of his lower lip.

When the room service guy was gone, the fat man grabbed his cell phone and he put a call through.
“Mr. Butters, he has an affair in Ikeja. I placed a tracker on his movement now. Yes! I have men put him under their radar. Thanks boss.”
He dropped the call and he pushed his phone aside. He faced the computer screen, punched some buttons and then he took a break. His stomach rumbled and that was hunger knocking at his gate again.

Felly was in the elevator already when he received the call. He got off and he was greeted by a woman in blue blazers, a hip of file close to her bosom.
“Mr. Butters”, she greeted.
He bowed and looked away. He found his way to the inner chambers of the facility and after he had waved his pass at several check points, he was allowed to see Dr. Spencer.

Dr. Spencer poured him a drink and he watched him gulp it. It was a toast to trust. Felly was quick with the gulp and when he was done, Dr. Spencer raised his glass and he took a sip too. He left his glass on the center table and he smiled, his wrinkled face reflecting an eternity of hope.
“You know how important this is to us right?”
Felly nodded.
“Good! No stories, please. Besides, how is it going?”
“Good. We are monitoring his movement. We want to know what his motives are, so we can know how to get through him. He doesn’t know a trail is on him, though.”
“Impressive.” Dr. Spencer smiled, he leaned against the sofa and he took an air of relief.
“That aside, the Russian government just pushed us a new proposal. Over 15 billion dollars for us to deliver them smart war compact machines with highly upgraded AI.”
“Secrecy?” Felly asked.
“Grade A. No one outside this box knows. Be quick with whatever you are doing. We are not sending those human bots out when we have chances for improvement. What they want is what that boy is. Anyway, the Russian Government would have a rep in here in three months’ time to see what we are putting up for sales.”
“Why not five month or maybe six? What about mass production of his prototype? We don’t even have humans on ground to build on.”
“Agents would have our human resources covered. The Russians already sent in a note to the Nigerian Government about their visit, an attempt to talk about a future partnership between the two governments. It can’t just be changed like that.”
“Ok, doctor. I will have my boys speed up activities. We would have him in for a talk before weekend.”
“Good then.”
Dr. Spencer smiled again. He reached for his glass and touched his lips with it for another sip.