Curiosity and anger, all in his eyes as he left the table. He stroke his beards back at the exchange table and the exchanger watched him, not surprised. Losing all was usual for newbies, not this one.
The exchanger felt the difference, the fire his eyes kindled was more than he had ever seen. The exchanger envisioned an explosion. He reached for his gun and as he tried to pull, Luta was in his face. He found it an issue to calculate such quick pace.
“You can keep the gun!” Luta said, his gaze having a grip on the exchanger.
“How much will my suit cost?” Luta asked.
The exchanger looked with relief. He withdrew his hands from his side, away from where he could quickly reach out for his gun and examined the suit Luta had already pulled off. It was a designer suit, new or might have just been worn once or twice.
“What about I let you have coins for just three stakes?”
Luta looked, surprised.
‘The fucking suit is expensive.’ His mind screamed and he did the undertone back up behind his head. He was quick to agree and this time he was back on the table.
The card was shoved this time and he dropped just one of his stakes.
“Wait!” He yelled. Everyone had not picked up their cards.
He pushed away from his side his last two stakes, then he faced the fat man with the tobacco stick who had been winning all day. Two box opened right in front of him, stacked with cash. The overflow were on the table right in front of him. Two hefty men stood at his side carrying two other brief case each.
“How about me making this tougher?”
He had all eyes on him.
“I guess right, one of your cards and I win”, Luta said.
“Get away! No time for child’s play.” The fat man faced the rest of the table, “Brethren, shall we?”
“Your lion is scared then, brethren.” Luta said in a loud voice.
A tick of silence ate up their throat for a few second as they all took time on the joke. Then a thin laughter broke off from nowhere and it got contagious.
The fat man flared. He pushed up all that he had as stakes and he even added all the cash in his briefcase. He grabbed the second briefcase and emptied it.
“Let's make this more fun man.” His smile was rigid.
“I bet my fortune on your penny. You win all if you guess my cards right.” He clapped, facing the board man. “New cards.”
New cards were collected, shoved and scattered on the table.
Luta smiled, rolling his sleeves. His eyes on the cards as he used his head. He was concentrating too much and he wasn’t going to give up.
“Number or shape?”
“Number.” The fat man said.
Luta worked around the table while the rest of the players watched with fixed interest.
“Loser!” One of the players said as Luta passed. He tried not to look and when he got to the side of the table the cards were laid, the fat man watching with confidence spoke again.
“You should be too sure of yourself this time.”
Luta nodded and he picked up a random card after less study. He tossed it across the table and it rested in a revealing posture.
“Your card is same digit with that.”
The fat man laughed and the rest of the table helped him.
“Let’s see how it goes.”
The fat man turned his card over and frowned. It was a triangle, but a five.
He felt it was a lucky guess and right as he played on thoughts, Luta had the property manager retrieve his money.
He faced the fat man who wished he could have him strangled.
“You wish you could cause a fight right in here and have me stopped. But this walls, won’t let dogs like you bark at their real time human customer.” Luta adjusted his sleeves. “But I tell you something,” He moved close to the man. “Outside this walls, I will reach you before you do, if you think of a hunt. I know where you stay, I know how much you have in your account. I know all that has to do with all the figures, details and documents of your life.” Luta reached for his pocket. He grabbed his pen and he scribbled some figures on a card. He dropped it beside the fat man and he was off to the exchange table to get his blazer and his box.
The fat man picked up the card and he saw four familiar figures only himself knew of.
A cloak of fear enveloped him all of a sudden as he smelled doom. He had picked up a game with a better gamer and he wasn’t just going to let it go. He sat back on his seat and watched the other gamers pick on with the game. He had lost interest all of a sudden and his mood was like he was going to mourn his cash. He called one of the men who guarded his bag and he whispered into his ears with a frown on his face.