A better voice off the rear of his head would make him go to sleep on his feet. But he was kin on feeding his ego with troubles.
“King Luta!”
KThe lady at the table hailed as he dropped his brief case, right after he let her know his name as he asked few questions about the game.
He looked like a fresh rich man off the blocks and then, she had asked for his name again.
“Your real name”, she had said, with a stress on ‘REAL’. It made him feel uncomfortable, but he told her.
He was quick with thoughts, wondering what the pretty she was up to. Maybe, steal his digit while he tries to get a decent sleep if the game goes well.
But most of the newbies at the table find that an issue. Losing their entire fortune on the dailies to few moment of chanting emotion amplitude, pushing them into doing no better stunt with money than laying bets to an over manipulated system. This she had considered, feeds a fool from the butters of the city.

Luta reached the table and dropped his briefcase. He watched them for a minute, expecting the exchanger to come to him. While he waited, he watched the game get played.
Finally, he came by with the best of manners. Luta found himself blushing.
“Sorry about the delays. You mind we do the exchange now, sir?” He said, his baldness was vivid as he bent.
“Yeah! Little issues with my cards, but I have it being rectified. Spent all my cash trying to find my way around the city.”
“Oh! I see. How then, can we help?”
“Where is the exchange table?” “Over there”, the bald man pointed.
Luta grabbed his brief case and moved over to the table. He dropped it and waited for the man to come around. When he did, Luta spoke.
“You know how much this case cost?”
“12,000 Dollars, if sold off in shops. Black market might be quite expensive, since it's scarce.”
Luta felt a pump of pride. He adjusted his feet as he unlocked the box.
“You mind checking the authenticity?”
The bald man checked the box out and after two minutes, he stopped observing.
“Authentic sir. How much will this go for on our table, sir?”
“What’s the normal count?”
“6,000 dollars will be all we can do sir.”
“Good.” Luta nodded. “Load me coins worth 2,000 dollars.”
Luta returned to the table and he studied the game more, he placed faces in mind. His coins landed about two minutes after. Then, he waited for the current round to be over. During those moments, he watched his box to make sure it wasn’t being tampered it. He would not even risk, risking it any further.
The round was over in a minute and he was left with his fate. His motive was just for him to play with his head and lead himself into victory.
The first round of cards were passed after he stacked half of his coins. The man with the big tobacco stick was irritating. The way he spoke and laughed, made Luta feel an insect creeping down his throat.
He turned his cards open and after the count, he was fourth. The table only awards one winner.
He staked with his other half and he was faced with a similar fate. Then he went back for more coins till he was left with his last stake. Just one thousand dollars coin bid. He wasn’t going to lose this. He was determined to win this one and he was sure he had not been lucky. He needed that brief case more than ever. All his trackers and last option to opt out of difficult troubles were in one way or two, attached to that bag.
He got served his cards and as everyone turned over their card he noticed the big figures with them. The gamer with the smallest figure wins.
He turned his card and his figures were just ‘1 and 4’, that was the smallest ever he had seen on that table. He rushed for his rewards without being told and while everyone murmured, he kept pulling all the coins to himself. Well, over excited, he got called off with a cough from behind. Another player was waving him two cards ‘2 and 2’.
Luta’s heart shattered into thousands of pieces as he reclined on his seat, fighting his way through an instant depression. He had just lost the freaking bag he was told to guard with his life.
His head didn’t help this time and slowly he's giving up on being super human, even if he was. He wasn’t invincible, not even close to having the God’s mind. He cursed under his breathe, calling himself a loser and all the chants and laughter off the table, all of a sudden turned to mockery for him.Twilight