Late into that night, sleep found it hard to come close, not even a mile nearby Luta’s eyes. He paced his hotel room from wall to wall, his heart hammering hard like his chest was going to fall off. He didn’t know what to do about the lost file and he wasn’t letting his head do the work.
He stopped at once resting against the wall close to the tall wardrobe routing off to his far left.
Delta had squeezed his hands with the car engine struggling to keep its beat alive and Delta had looked into his eyes, he saw weakness and the twin brother he had always wanted to see, not the killer.
Delta smiled, his nose widening to admit more air.
“It’s not that complex. Just follow the instruction. Use your head. Just think and follow your head.” He shoveled a light fist into Luta’s side.
“I get everything. The instructions, yeah.” Luta whisked as he held on to his back pack, he swung it across his shoulder, caught it with his second arm, finding his way around it to secure more comfort.
Luta left quietly and they watched him get past the airport gate. Once he was in the car turned, tires squealing and it was away.
Luta turned around for another share of that morning smile, he was at least going back to the country that messed up his life.
“Use your head.” The word came sounding as he got distracted, he pulled off the pool of thought by the door bell blowing his attention out of proportion.
Someone was at the door, he thought. He moved closer to the door and he pulled the door open, then he stood in the doorway.
A small man, beardless and bald was standing behind the door.
“The food you ordered sir.”
Luta stepped out of his way and he allowed him wheel in the food. He stopped beside the walk bench and he asked if he could leave the food on the walk bench should Luta have any better suggestion.
Luta left the perfect nod, making the room service guy feel he was extra perfect.
“All the bills have been calculated sir.”
Luta nodded, he moved across the room. Opened up the food and he closed it back. He felt it all to be wrong and he turned around to see sweat breaking loose on the room service man’s fore head.
“It’s all over an hour…”
“The orders were much sir. You lost your appetite?”
The man acted concern. Troubled Luta was dull.
He moved across the room while the man waited. He pulled aside his curtain and he took a peep.
“You can go.” He said.
The man rushed hurriedly at the door way.
“Stop!” Luta stopped, he whirled around. His fingers attracting as he quivered.
“Can I get any extra services for extra cash.”
The man’s eyes lighted. His mouth squashed with water.
“What do you want done sir?” He asked as Luta reached for his bag. He came with a jotter and a pen and he scrambled some words in it.
He handed it over to the man and he smiled.
“Get fifty people to rewrite that….” The man’s eyes popped. “I mean fifty different hand writings, let the papers look different and all. I will need it back tomorrow morning before the hour of 7. I will tell you what to do then!”
“10,000 Naira tomorrow when its done.”
The man couldn’t express his joy, that was close to his one month salary. He was going to get a lot of help and it would be done.
“I am doing a research and that’s part of my survey. Just do as I say.” Luta explained. The man nodded feeling satisfied.
“This is not illegal.’ He said to himself as he walked off the room.
Luta got back expecting enough cash in his account and as he reloaded the cash page, he got more angry. The agreement was about all his needs.
He dropped his phone and he took the encrypted communicator in his pack. He sent a text straight out.
‘WAITING’ he watched it delivered and he returned to the telephone in the room.
“Yes!” His voice was strong on the line. “Is the game hub still opened?”
“Yes!” The voice came back and he ended the call.
He was going to hit the reception and get directives. He had no money but he was going to play his game out this time around testing his ability. If he lost he knew it was the end. The end of him. The end of the mission.
The room service man wheeled his tray into the kitchen and when he was out, a man in an oversized vintage shirt was waiting for him.
“I dropped the wire in his room.” The room service man said. He wanted to talk about the paper and the note on it.
“Thanks.” The man in vintage spoke. He looked simple and calm, he had a gold wrist watch on and a gold ring.
“Anything else I need to know?”
The bald man paused. “Yes!” He said slowly. Attention was drawn on him and silently, he added.
“He is rich.”

The man in vintage came off the kitchen into one of the major elevators that was linked to the reception.
“Yeah! Room wired.”
He listened to the voice from the other end and he replied again.
“Great.” He consulted his wrist watch. “When do we take him out?” He asked.