The flight was quite stress free with Luta clipping off fun against all odd, against desired climax, pushing back who he was trying to be and left with his actual personality doing the acute justifications for his exact actions. It was all over him, clear on his brow, that he was the careful one. Very mindful and attentive to details. The way he smiled, pick up things and lay down response, you would never believe he was from this very shore.
He had a range pull up at one of the five stars hotel in Lagos and right at the reception, he tried to be silent but his good looks and brown eyes! Damn! All his features announced his presence.
While everyone stared, it was just him and himself. The shades on him made him look like a cooperate pizza not forced into pack, free to dominate and express sweetness vivid enough for the eyes to take off in place of a waggling tongue with spit drooling down every corner to honor savagery salivation.

He got to the reception, a big bag tailed him. He packed it at his feet and made it stand. Then, he proceeded to speaking. His brown eyes reflecting his cuteness could trigger life in dead butterflies and the receptionist found herself admiring him. She was with a pen that went for her lips. She pulled it away carefully.
“I should help you sir. Good evening.”
She paused as she pulled the keyboard closer.
“ID, Sir! It will make the registration easy sir.”
Luta smiled.
“How about I tell you what I can tell you. I am very careful with particulars like that.”
“I am sorry sir. I would love to help you. But sir, the policies in here won’t let me allow you lodge without running a check on your ID sir. Besides sir…”
“How much for a night? Hunnn!”
“The types of room available sir,” she stared at the computer. She tapped the keyboard randomly and drew in a deep breath.
“Fifty thousand naira, Sixty thousand naira, the rest have been reserved. And…”
As she spoke, he slide his hands into the breast pocket of his suit.
His eyes hovered on the notice dangling down the roof, ‘Cash payment is accepted’.
He dropped right beside her, a bundle of cash in a thousand naira denomination and gave her the pleasure to do some thinking. It was an over payment. She pulled the cash to herself, looked around and began to input the necessary details into her computer.
“What’s the name sir?”
She asked.
When she was done with him, she gave him a smart card and he was off. Once at the elevator, an old lady made it hard for him to think. Her constant hums and favorite singer’s mimic was louder than irritating sounds off a blaring speaker.
He got to his room and dropped his smart card into the power-on space. The lights came on and he smiled.
He dropped his bag on the bed and decided to unzip it, his eyes in search of the very envelope he had picked from a public locker on his way to the hotel. He thought he had kept it in the bag but now, oops!
It was far away from his reach. Unexplainable, how he let it out of the bag. He couldn’t think of few spots he had stopped for a thing or two. Even in the car.
He was sure he ripped open the envelope to confirm its content and right then, he dropped it in the bag. No! He dropped it in another locker so he could close up the very locker and, puff! He didn’t pick it back.
He rushed at the telephone in his room and dialed the number attached to the card he had in his hand. It was for the company that hosted the public lockers.
He got confirmation that no item was refunded by any user and he could not even remember the exact number of the locker he had left the envelope in. His mission already ended before it started. His first tip was all in that envelope he had just misplaced.