Around Ikeja, a white man got off his car parked down in the lot, isolated from the main buildings.
He stepped on the tared floor and he got off the lot, the sun beaming on his fore head as he took pleasure in shielding off few rays. His keys dangled in his pocket. He greeted few site workers, glad they were going well with the edifices. Soon, he was in the reception.
The wide commodious office greeted him with a blast of cold air, his long straight and upright moustache, stood firm against his tanned face. He had a dark shade on as he crossed the reception, cutting across few people who stood around waiting to get a thing or two sorted out.
“Sorry”, he said as he bumped into the fat woman who had all her attention in the conversation she was having with the pregnant woman on her side.
“Good morning, Mr. Burgers.”
A lady greeted him at the table.
He flashed a cool smile as he took off his glasses.
“Glad you called it well this time.” He looked down at his chest and he shook his head.
“My tag”, he pointed.
The receptionist gave a sheepish smile.
She went on filling the permission slip while Felly watched the slip he had picked from the fat woman.
“Why not attend to her?” He asked.
She stole a glance, looking away from for the slip on the table. “Who?”
Her brow formed an arc, curiosity burning across her fore head. Felly motioned with his head. The receptionist got who he was addressing. Pushing the slip back to felly, she whispered:
“Protocols, sir. We can’t attend to blacks yet”, she said.
Felly paused.
“Wait!” He raised his fingers. “So, you attended to me because I am white?” His tone had gone hard.
“No sir”, the receptionist replied softly. “Because I love you, sir.”
Felly blushed, the joke clasped around his lungs. He took time to take a look at the receptionist.
“Because, I was asked to pass you anytime you show up, sir.”
Felly regained consciousness and he pulled his lips together.
She pulled his slip back and added another stamp.
“Why the extra?” He asked. “Never mind.”
He picked up the slip and stowed it away in his breast pocket. He let down his blazers and it clapped behind him as he made it hurriedly to the main elevator.
He got off the elevator on the first floor and traced the personal library attached to the executive sections of the facility. The whole hallway was lit, so it was easy. Besides, he knew where he was heading.
It was at the end of the hallway and seeing two armed men behind the library door, he knew who he was visiting was behind those door.
“Pass, please.”
He showed one of the men his slip, and the other asked to see it too. Then, they allowed him in.

Felly sat behind the desk sweating. He found it hard to get his words together and he was scared of failing this time. Dr. Spencer was an ex-military officer who served in the US army for over sixteen years before he resigned. He was married while in service, though, he had two kids from two different women. His wife’s barrenness drove him crazy for a while. Being a young man, he felt it was his job and the way he spent lesser time at home that caused the unproductivity. But on the sixth year of his marriage, he got few promotions. Doubles and triples and he was able to have few says about his transfer due to his connection. All through his stay at home, he tried to go rounds after rounds with his wife. When that failed, he moved on to using few pills. Nothing happened.
On the seventh month, he got posted to Morocco for a secret mission and then he met another beautiful lady. They met in an old bar and it was just a one night stand. She conceived and she didn’t let him know about the baby until she delivered. He was mad when the news got to him over the phone, but with time, his anger faded. It remained an unexposed secret between them and with that, he was sure the problem was with his wife.
When the offer for him to move to Nigeria came up, it was like a gem. At least, he felt he was moving away from all his troubles with his two sons in mind. He was fifty-nine and just a year after, he had his PhD.
“I guess it’s a good news after so long, Mr Butters.”
“Felly!” Felly interrupted.
Dr. Spencer smiled. He touched the side of his lips with a white handkerchief and dropped it on the table.
“There is a good news and there is a bad news.”
“Good! What’s the good news? Do we begin with that?” His fat cheek moved as he grinned.
“Good news! The whole setup is ready and the Molta can work. We can actually make man work based on artificial intelligence, yet as a backup.”
“Can we skip all the freaking protocols?”
“You mean explanations sir. But, er, I need to explain everything to you sir, in details.”
“How about I see it operate? How about that?”
Felly took a short pause.
“That’s awesome.”
He reclined against the chair.
“The bad news”, he added.
“Yeah!” Spencer casted a gaze.
“Remember the recorded operation in the books that was done to test run this project twenty-two years ago?”
Dr. Spencer adjusted his seating posture, his sleeves shifted a bit.
“We spotted it back on our radar. It has been activated. The boy, now a man, has mastered all that was integrated in his head.”
“How dangerous is what we are talking about?”
“This operations is now highly military. The operation started with him in an attempt to save his life. All was done and it resulted into a perfect mental correction with few implications, making him an advance human. The first case study, the doctor who worked on him refused to disclose useful identity, so we lost him young. Since all implementations were inactive sir, it gave us no problem till now. The man sir, can access classified information, memorize a whole encyclopedia, memorize moves and recreate actions performed by individuals just by watching. He can eavesdrops. He is a fucking walking super computer. He can talk to machines, make them take moves, just with his head.”
“Have we produced anything better than him?”
“No sir. We haven’t. The doctor who started the whole trend took his life before we could probe any further. But all this would take long. It would take time for him to be operational and open to what he can do. His growth will come in phases. Except he forces it out after being told of all he is capable of, he can only get to know all his ability by accident. That’s why sir, we need to take him down.”
“No!” Spencer looked up. "What about we get him on our side, convince him, cut him open and let our doctors study? We rebuild more human machines in that format and boom, we sell to the Americans as military weapons.”
“But sir, the Nigerians sponsored it.”
Dr. Spencer laughed out.
“You mean this fools? They won’t even notice we took such move. We can always make it more classified and we might just choose to show them this dead AI powered bots and all we have been struggling with for years.”
“How about we failing to convert the boy?” Felly paused, “I mean man.”
“Kill him.” Spencer said coldly.