The cool evening breeze rocked the window and the doctor made his watch obvious. He left the boy to play with the green toy soldier. He went to the window and he pulled the blind together, then he dropped the curtain.
He returned to the living room and he grabbed the hard cover book. He watched the boy play with the toys again, spit dripping off the corner of his lips onto the table, building up a foster pool. He watched the boy more, tears in his eyes.

The boy looked up and he smiled; he saw himself in the boy's brown eyes. He reached for him and he carried him, giving him a keen stare.

“I love you.” He said.

He pulled his nose down till it was buried in the boy’s dark curly hair.
A tap came on his door, sending across a bracing sound through the room. He looked up, dropped the boy gently and rolled up his sleeves, knowing the time was up.

He wiped tears off his face as he battled to keep his emotions in check. He was back at what he promised himself to stay clear of.

“Come in.” He said.

A tall lady walked in.

“I am done! Take care of him.”

She bowed, acknowledging the instruction.
He got into the hallway, dim lit bulbs hanging down the roof illumined the hallway. He got to the second livingroom on the last floor of his house and after he had walked through various doorways, he found Felly seated.
An old newspaper in his grip, as he scanned through. A pack of juice laid open on the table beside a smartphone with a red light blinking at the top corner like he had an unread notification. Felly stretched for the juice, poured a full glass and he raised it to his lips. He took a sip then dropped the glass at the same spot he raised it from.

“New development Doctor.” Felly said.

He smiled, watched the doctor take the seat in front of him.

“Talk to me.” Spencer said, touching his collar.

“It's about the subject.”

“What about him?”

“He seems more aggressive than we thought.”

Doctor Spencer puffed out held breaths.

“Is there anything you are not telling me?” He asked.

Felly lifted his jaw. He gave a straight look and instead of avoiding Spencer's deep searching eyes, he stared at the blazing fire.

“I need not tell you how desperately this has to be done. I need this guy brought in!”

“And if we fail?”

“We can’t. Look at me.” He was close enough, pulling Felly by his shirt.

“The Russians can go fuck themselves, I don’t care. But my son is all tied in this and don’t pretend you don’t know. You know he is sick and if this could cure any mental problem, my son has a chance at a normal life. Now get away from here and find him.”

He released his hold on Felly and he exhaled. He was worried and anxious. He tried hard to hide his shaky hands, but Felly mapped him out.

“Maybe you need to talk to your boy about the latest development. You are too old not to pay attention to details.”

Spencer glared, that was insulting. Felly was always at the doctor’s call. Leaving his aim and purpose in the country just to see Spencer’s dream come through since it favored him and it gave him a purpose to take life as, no joke.

“You have not been talking to your boy recently. He can get all you need. Except you want me to talk to him directly.” Spencer hissed a reply.

Felly drove away from Spencer’s mansion in an unexplainable furry. He was going to head back straight to the office and fix things up. He knew Spencer was talking about Eric. He was sure. He focused more on the road but despite that, just few meters across a minor road, he got busted and a fast moving car slammed into his.
Secured by his air bag, he cut loose his seat belt and bailed his way out of his car. He fell to the ground and as his vision spun, he figured out three men walking up to him.

Two were masked and one was bespectacled. He had a dry grin and he was white, skinny and tall.
He lowered his position with a squat and he popped a passport.
“We believe you know about him.” He said. His dark eyes went deep into his socket. It spilled more about his personality.

“Have you seen him?”

Felly coughed and that irritated the bespectacled guy.

“Shit!” He exclaimed as the police siren drew closer. Sliding the passport back to his breast pocket, he sent a flying kick at Felly’s head and he watched him pass out.