Dr. Spencer took his keys out of his pocket and dropped it on the table. His eyes widened as he tried to pick up every details on the board afar off. Nothing changed! No magic!
He moved closer, took a pin off and he nailed it on another part of the board swiftly. A piece of paper settled on the ground. He stepped on it as he folded his hands against his chest. It wasn’t working.
He touched his moustache like he was summoning thoughts. His mind was clouded and he was fighting back.
The door cracked open from the side of the room, letting in a stray ray. It caught the doctor’s attention.

At the locker room, Luta stood defensively. His fist was loose as he moved with caution. He moved closer to the two men who had pretended as police officers and he collected all they had gotten from his boys.
“Open it.” He said, throwing the bags to his boys.
They cut it loose and after a few minutes of rigorous search, they came up with five envelopes.
He collected it from them, took a stroll, then he returned, having ripped open all the envelopes. He had what he wanted already. Now it was time to deal with the men who came to interrupt his project.
He pulled his phone close to his ear, then paid attention to the beep. The very moment he heard the click from the other end, he spoke into the phone’s mouth piece.
“Section SRD1245, two men impersonating the police force. Intel 98 reporting.” He took the phone off his ear, ended the call and dropped it.
Sounds of the phone’s piece dropping spread across the ground, filling up his ear. He turned and looked at the guy with the yellow glove.
“Clean up.” He tucked his hands into his pocket, stowing away one envelope then he dropped the rest.
“Tie them up.” He said again.

Luta got into the elevator with two other guys, one was bald with an oversized shirt with sleeves rolled up. The other had a straight face and he kept a close distance with Luta. The ding came on as the elevator reached the final floor and a green light flashed. The door went wide open and two other men stepped in roughly as the elevator attempted to empty itself. The whole lack of patience of the workers looked irritating to Luta. He got to his car which was parked outside the lot. He climbed in, smashed his door close and put on his seat belt. He turned his key to the left and his car roared to life.
He smiled and touched his pocket, sniffing off the incredible air of victory. Now it was time to start with why he came to the country. He had all the details in that parcel.
He brought out the envelope and found it unsealed. His heart skipped a beat. Then it came to him that he had opened the seal. One jeep came out of nowhere heading for his car. He was tight and there was no where he could turn to. He pulled his wheels to the side for less impact and the car came crashing at the side of his, denting the body of his car. That was his sexy ride getting a maximum pop.
He got out of his car, a trickle of blood rolled down the side of his head. Two men came out of the jeep with guns. He was quick enough, he measured the pace and came for a lazy combat. His hand movement was blinding and untraceable. He grabbed the gun in a blink and he swung it at the other guy who was trying to aim. He sunk a kick into the face of the guy he collected the gun from as he scaled the bonnet to attack the other guy.

With the two men groaning in pain by his side, he moved closer to them. He snapped the first on his neck, kicked the second man in the ribs and waited for him to bleed to death. He wasn’t going to leave any trace, not any soul was going to live to tell his story.
He touched his pocket, blood surging off his palm. He opened up the unsealed envelope and he withdrew an entire stranger. This wasn’t the envelope. He noticed late and he was left with a message.
“Hey! I heard you are in town. Have a drink on my name, if you know me! Hahaha...”
Fuck! The foul play was at the elevator he thought.