Eric took his pen across the jotted note he had made for himself, he reviewed the whole note and muttered words as he paced the floor of his office walls to and fro.
An array of computers on the long desk, routing off to his left. A large shelf far off in the range of clear sight. Notes and file all over his table.
The cleaners had started banging against doors to check if officers were out for launch so they could come in and clean.
That was just the organization’s routine, and with security cameras everywhere; it was hard for a worker to pick a thing. No one had to report them, their illiteracy had made it hard for them to spot cameras and an attempt to go against laid down rules, anything they clear from an office would call next for screams from the security guys glued to the monitors yelling through small broadcast speakers drooping down walls, and in the twinkle of an eye wholly masked security men would be deluging the whole facility to pick out the very staff gone deaf on instruction.
The bang came on Eric’s door, he rushed over to the button wedged to his table then he pushed it simultaneously like he would break it.
It was like letting a catty bird out a winged basket, he felt the relief. The pressure right in his short was gone too when the knock stopped.
The cleaners knew what the sign was about so they stopped knocking and they moved over to another office.
Eric grabbed his receiver and he pulled a call over to felly.
“Mr butters! Some new development you would want to hear about.”
He frowned as he waited for the reply.
“Come over let’s talk about it.” He got that after a lot of scrambling had played on in the background.
He smiled as he slammed the receiver back on the telephone box.
Eric was in felly’s room in minutes, his forehead beaming with sweat, his lips slightly ajar like he climbed the main scrappers of the facility, all through; and then he jumped his way down to the last floor. Felly waved him to a seat.
Eric took the seat. He pulled it closer to the table that hosted, one monitor, an old keyboard, a large machine that was meant to be the central processing unit, those were the old fashion system Felly confined in. It was built specially for sending encoded messages.
“Quite out of date.” Eric said to himself. He smiled, an air of importance stretching off his nostrils as he pushed off very breathe. “You said you had a thing for me. What’s it?” Felly asked. He folded his hands across his chest and he leaned back. He took off his thin layer glasses with his eyes scanning every details necessary. He would even force a frown this time. His face was expressionless and his thought were far off a guess pointer. “I just came to see if I could…” Eric started off from his side, he scratched for a split second then he stopped and he started staring at Felly’s blank face. He must be wasting time.
“Sir! I know you told me not to duck, not to trace…”
“Yes! Yes!” Felly nodded, continuously. An agreement to the validity of those point.
“I did some private study of this man and I found something, I believe selling might be of interest to you. But I won’t…” He raised his finger and he ate a warm smile.
“Some things happened yesterday. I don’t know. Our subject had a room service write him notes a day before, complain notes to some company, we don’t know. Right there we came in. The room service man bitched on him
And he gave us some info.”
“So…” Felly said impatiently.
“Yes, point is. He told the room service guy to take the notes to Ikeja. You had your men there and nothing happened.
But same day, people came to submit note of complain to a property safety company along Murtitala Mohammed airport. The company was closed down for their locker reconstruction for three days and a company not even registered was asked to renovate the lockers.”
“Does the property safety company know the company coming to fix up their lockers are not registered?” Felly asked.
“How were they hired?”
“Vconnect sir.”
Felly took a deep breathe.
“What’s the tail?”
“Since Vconnect could be manipulated to make an unregistered company pick a highly professional job. Then there is a glitch. But look at it. This property company is close to the airport. I think your subject must have misplaced something important and he is trying to find it.”
“Are you saying we find it before he does?” Felly asked.