Two cars were packed in a garage, a long van and a small Benz.
Luta was in the Benz watching. He sat back in a regular white polo shirt, his time ticking faster than his heartbeat. He felt the urgency to slip out as soon as possible.
He had just rented the car and he was busy doing his normal chitchat with the driver of the car.
Soon a man in suit came close to the car; Luta thumbed the door’s lock, pushed it away and he watched it open up.
It was the tech guy he had asked to track the hires on Vconnect.
“They gave another company the work, boss. What’s next?” The man asked.
Luta smiled, he got off the car, his leg entangling on the damp floor. His eyes weak like he had been missing out on sleep.
He pulled the suited man over and he coughed, he touched his lips with the back of his hands then he started talking.
“I own all the carpentry company that would show up from page 1 to 6.”
The man looked at him, surprise eating up his socket, his balls almost jumping at Luta.
“Who got the deal to renovate the lockers?”
“Benchmark and sons.” The man said.
Luta nodded.
He moved towards the van, parked not too far away in the private garage. He tapped on the door. He watched the side door open and three guys climbed down.
“Benchmark and sons.” He said.
They smiled and they began to work on some part of the car with sprays. They changed the plate number. The driver got himself busy checking up on the license.
After twenty minutes, Benchmark and sons was all over the van. The men were in the uniforms that matched the colour of the car and their tags matched the name of the company they represented.
The plan was Luta getting his people in there to check all his lockers for his parcel.
It would take more than an hour. The lockers were much, close to a thousand lockers. This was his best strategy to have it checked with no hurry.
His team gave him updates that they were in the building and they had been allowed in to begin work on the lockers. That gave him the exact peace of mind he had been hunting for too long.
He got back to his hotel room and he noticed few strange stuffs. Whosoever had crawled through his door was an inch close to being perfect. He had touched the curtains and not return them the exact way Luta left it.
He was grateful the box wasn’t available, but that only set his sense straight. He knew he was being followed.
He met calls on the hotel telephone and he ignored. It was time for him to get back his box. But he didn’t know where to start from. He didn’t even know her name.

A tall skinny girl left a rectangular box on her bed as she rushed to the window. She had heard footsteps and she wanted to be very sure everything was right. She was convinced there was a lot of mystery behind that box.
Two cars were parked outside her apartment and she felt it all to be wrong. It was a strong feeling.
She got at the box and she plunged it into a bag. She hauled it across her shoulder and went for the door. Stepping into the dark passage, she tried to turn on her locks and secure her keys when a strong hand covered her lips, she couldn’t scream. She was wrapped up swiftly so she couldn’t even be chanced for a fight.