Luta sat by his laptop after breakfast have been served. He looked at all the items that the young lady had stolen and he smiled, wondering why she had taken the box above all and left few valuables for what she was certain of.
He was grateful she left the laptop.
He closed his eyes and envisioned how it might have happened. She must have tried to pick up the laptop then he moved, or she thought she might get caught if she moved with too much stuffs.

Luta dropped his cup of tea and his eyes hovered over his track pad. He logged in quickly on a private browser and he log on to the secret site where they place jobs out for anonymous people who matched, like ghost. Pick up jobs and deliver items swiftly without trace.
He placed his first job out for the day.
“12 different people to deliver a note to a Bilba Locker station in M2 road, ikeja.”
He added a requirement for an ID to do the job and he added 10,000 naira each; payment after delivery.


The old post office in Ajah opened up for the day. A dark man in his late fifties, turned on the open sign on the door then walked back to a desk far at one corner of the room. He looked over and the table meant for his receptionist was empty.
He nodded and blamed it all on the lack of jobs.
This days the internet had been taking everything away from this part of the industry. Except its traditional or compulsory, people don’t use the post office anymore.
The telephone on the receptionist desk rang and the man’s eyes went for it. He walked over to the table and his eyes walked pass the books, document and accessories.
He felt that it was a wrong call and he was going to pick up the receiver and scream wrong number.
He knew his receptionist must have given someone the telephone line to call her through as an alternative line and today she came late.
He was going to yell, ‘WRONG NUMBER!’ when the voice came over.
“Calling from H210 hotel, VI. I would need you to pick up a letter for me and mail it to a particular house address.”
The man swallowed hard, listening.
“I would need to document this and call you back now, please.” The man said in excitement.
He ended the call and he whisked. He just needed that break as he laughed out to himself. This was the earliest job that month. In fact, he had not gotten any job that week.
He punched some buttons on the telephone and he made a redial.

That afternoon Bilba locker station support team recorded a total of 123 complains about their lockers; ranging from stolen items to bad locks and all.
12 letters were recovered from the suggestion box submitted in person. The CCTV had picked 12 different people come to drop those notes at different intervals. There was a time two of them came in together. That showed how legit the complains were.
Close to the end of the evening, the company closed their safety system with a two days emergency shut down and they took to Vconnect to search out carpenters who would have all their lockers fixed.
Right there, had Luta set up a foster carpentry company high up, knowing they would choose it no matter what since it’s a big project that required speed and accuracy.
Just to save cost and to yield extra cash, the officer in charge went against the company’s instruction and he choose an average company, on the third page of the category where local professionals with lower ratings were.