Two weeks ago…
In the midst of the burns, rage, fire pop, anger and selfishness was all that was to this break out.
Yes! It was clear that the human soul was close to no redemption, leaving Blaze to a conclusion that the human heart has failed to be soft, yet over cooked.

He saw betrayal at a great altitude. Friends refusing to help other friends get off those walls when another man had already paved the way for freedom, nothing could be easier.
He was right there like a shadow, invisible with his hands folded across his chest as he stood in one dark corner, his body blending with his shadow. His heart beat and his hard breath beating off those long pathway he could relate to as a mini exhaust were two signs he was still human.

He was there, right there, where a friend saw to a partner’s end in the blazing fire. The friend could have saved his mate and they could have been off those walls together, though they might have been caught later. But the friend acted like getting those iron bars open would have been harder than forcing a stupid horse to take a gulp from wisdom cup.
That wasn’t the issue. Blaze awaited the perfect moment, just a one on one moment with Tony. He knew who he was looking for, and he knew how difficult spotting him could be.

The smoke from the fire got thicker and Blaze had to move to another section of the prison. He shut his ears against the noise, got his hands on a piece of metal and he hit it repeated on a weak section of the wall. He wasn’t getting through, then he remembered the link up was a reality almost all the prison doors were opened but he had to go through the resistance team. That was going to be a hard job.

Blaze spat on the floor and wiped his lips dry like he was done flooding the palace of a wicked king. He headed for one of the largest gate, it was west wing with like seven prisoners against the gate trying to keep it locked. Another set of prisoners were in that hallway trying to unlock the doors so more prisoners could be out before the fire ruined the entire block.
And those part engulfed in fire, Blaze held his breath all through. He didn’t like the smell of half baked human skin. He wasn’t just the fan of roasted pork and suya- the aboki night delicacy. Then his mind raced back in time, and he missed the few time Ejiro took him to Abuja and he had to sleep in a four star hotel for weeks, woman and drinks rained on him like he was under a leaking roof.
Blaze got to the gate and tried to watch, they would have thought he was coming to help.

“Give us a hand.”
The short prisoner at the extreme end screamed. He must have been losing his grip and the wood made it all look like a closed door; hence, absorbing the guard's attack was break off. It had overtaken hits and it was opening up for a cool round of woody harassment.
Blazed looked away like he wasn’t bothered. He was four steps far away, impossible for a grab. He watched the anger in the prisoner’s eyes and he gave more focus on the other six guys who were forming the resistance. He ate up the gap between himself and them in a very swift pace.
He reached out for the shirt of the guy in the middle and pulled him off the gate.

“Come help us.”
He turned deaf ears and he tightened his fist, ready to hack off the skull of the man he had in the range of a knock out. It was dark, so it's hard to know who it was. But, with the height and body structure, he felt he had mastered all of Tony’s features that he could identify him in a dark room.

“I guess you are looking for me.” The voice struck him from his side. He turned around quickly and sank his fist into the skull of the man on his side. He watched his kneels sag as he dropped into the floor it was a quick move. He felt satisfied, his chest rising and falling as he took in the proud air he felt the atmosphere had been costumed for just him.

“You missed!”
Blaze whirled around in the split of a second and he felt a fist cut across his face. It hit his nose and he was one feet off. The second fist struck his neck and he crashed into the ground unable to move. His eyes grew weak as he vision began blur.

“I got you again this time.”
The voice hovered around him and that was the last he heard.