Since it was Kumasi, killing in a prison was no crime.

Blaze met with Tony some times ago during a prison incursion in a major prison in central Kejetia.

Though Illegal, this troops factitious forced their ways into the prison halls right after Dawn, staging it like an adept and impeccable accident.

Blaze was just fresh off the camp after he had suffered several injures that had his body broken. Months he laid in expensive hospital bed in India was off count.

Long pipes and tubes connected coherently to his body, stitches sparing just few parts of his skin. Blaze's daily wake up to the constant and unflappable realization of his life being dependent of those huge beeping machines that lined up the room he was kept to recover broke his soul more. With days counting off and weeks turning to months, making maximum counts for years, all the years Blaze spent wasting off on hospital beds ended up seeing him out of the army.

The raid began that dawn, after the security system was tampered with and that was never going to be possible without the prison officers having the slightest knowledge about it.

The government tried to regulate the news and keep things secretive, but only few prisoners who lived after experiencing this could get out of the shadows of those lies.

The doors were forced opened from without, as if a group was breaking into the prison to set people free, and as prisoners tried to break out, armed men forced their ways in.

Bullets keep rolling off, hitting objects both on the left and right, breaking walls, and pulling down bodies as they tried to clear their path, it was just six of them. They were sure to have a target with the way they came in on a single file.

Whatever it was, it was a bit confusing.

Why not just poison who they wanted to kill since they had links to the prison operations.

Fat Yaw Was The target and he had been in the prison for over 3 months now. He had missed every poison, having a lot of people die in his stead. He was an enemy of the newly elected governor, facts that he spills the truth. They pulled up after his life, and having led him behind bars they still wanted his life.

The tall, built up guy that handed the heavy shotgun was behind the first man who had a mask and bullet proof vest. His shot gun was cocked up, ready to fire.

They knew Yaw Was the kind of person who had a lot of people around him, but this time opening the prison door had made people choose freedom over loyalty.

Blaze was the closet to Yaw at that moment, and right in his face he watched the shot gun get aimed at him.

"Focus!" The third guy who came with the troop screamed, passing out orders to the other guy with the shot gun. The guy who yelled out orders was also tall and heavily built up, with his shirt looking like they would rip off in the next minute. He had a pistol at hand, his hands carefully placed around the trigger, and a little slip off occurred which was the only mistake that made Blaze do the identification on a better day.

His shirt was ripped off on the arms, that would have been an accident, but same accident revealed a tattoo.

It was a snake around a spear.

The gun was cocked and it went left, it was slightly off Blaze. Blaze looked swiftly to the side, staring at the second chance he had to life, his gaze was on Yaw and he pictured a perfect moment of the man slumping against the wall. Blood spilling off his chest as his body jerked violently in struggle for survival on the cold floor.

Another shot was launched at him and that was the end. The whole struggle was handed rest as he laid quietly on the floor.

Blaze looked up, his eyes teary. His lips laid ajar as he maneuvered a scream.

Another guy faced him with a revolver leaving him with a bullet on his side and another in his arms. That took him out for moments and few months after Blaze was set free, then his bails term had been met by an unknown drug lord (Fat man) who had showed interest in having him work for him the very first research Blaze did with the set of instruments Fat man handed over to him to welcome him to his empire was used to track down Tony.

Fat man had promised Blaze heaven and earth after he had gone through his profile, seeing all he had survived. He naturally switched things up by trying to make Blaze feel comfortable with the name 'Immortal'. Blaze still remained Blaze.

Images after images Blaze kept entwining in a deep internet search, with facts fixing up with facts. The name Tony was the best match for all the features Blaze had sorted for.

It was a match up of the body features of the tattoed guy he had seen gave orders that morning in the prison. The groups who used that tattoo in Kumasi, Ghana; several leaders of the group and which of them was once a prisoner with histories of successful prison breaks.

Tony's name led all the charts and when he came up with a full image of Tony, he played a game up in his head and he had Tony clothed and masked the same way he was that morning in the prison. Blaze nodded positively that morning behind his computer needing no extra thought faculty to proof to him fact that the bossy man to followed the troops who came to break up that prison was Tony.

Since then he had hated Tony and he had wanted a prison break moment where they would meet and teach him a life lesson for leading a gang who had a bullet fixed in his side, same side that had gone through several reconstructive surgery.

Back to the recent break out, was Blaze at the altitude of power. He had the whole prison under his finger and he was determined to see the break out through, knowing no one would really break out except Luta.

Blaze loaded his gun with bullets, determining to walk the prison length and fish out Tony, he knew how much he would be at advantage fishing out Tony, first so he got at work with a strategy.

He had nothing to start with except for the fact that the Tony he was looking for wouldn't be with the 'Come in like a Gang star Tony' today but it would be a Tony that would be every where just to know who started the break out and once he had sorted the break out pioneer he would pull out his gun end it all swiftly.

©️Godwin Okhuoya