Knocks came at the door and Sandra was forced to bring her hands down. She frowned with a sigh then hid the gun in her trouser before she walked to the door. 

It could be the room service, she can't tell. 

She turned the knob and pulled the door to herself. 

"Room service!" 

The guy in uniform said with a smile. Before he could be stopped, he stepped in carrying a tray. 

Sandra turned around and saw Delta was out of the rest room, fixing cufflinks back to his sleeves. 

She missed her chance already and she couldn't even fix the whole thing. 

Delta collected the tray of food from the guy who came in, thanked him and dropped it on the table. 

Sandra looked at him and he gave her an eye contact. 

"To the bed!" he said softly. 

As she moved past him, he placed his foot in her track, making her trip.

He grabbed her by the waist and helped her up.


He was smart with his words, holding her in the range of his gaze at the shortest time ever. 

The room service guy was gone and Delta brought the food in bed with him. 

It was sauced noodles and omelet  with turkey wing. 

He pulled away the transparent nylon covering the plate of food, forked his way through the noodles and had a mouthful of it. 

He smiled and gave her a fork to join him. 

He gave a negative nod and pushed the turkey laps on it to her. 

"It's well fried", he said. 

He cut a piece off with his fork. 

"Eat", he said. 

He lifted the piece of meat, navigating his way to her lips. 

His eyes did the spell again and she fell. 

It was this innocent feeling. 

How could someone this dangerous, be this caring?  

She knew he only wanted her to have something in her stomach and she fell for it. 

She bit the meat off the fork and chewed. He raised his hand and wiped invisible crumbles off the side of her lips. 

The touch made her blush. Forgetting the whole of her existence, she was soon loosing it as he had fun with everything his head thought of. 

Such a cool guy, jovial and romantic. She thought. 

The way he moved close to her on the bed,  flushed the fact that he was a total stranger out of her mind. 

She started to feel a strange pain in her stomach, close to her navel it pulled. 

Delta gave that wide smile as he noticed the pressure building up in her. 

Her smile went faint as she held her tummy.

Delta got off the bed carrying the plate. He left her in pain. 

He dropped the plate on the table, picked the meat, dropped it in a tissue paper and wrapped it up.  

Sandra on the ground in pain, 

"What have you done to me?" she said slowly as she tried to conserve the little strength in her. 

"Same thing you tried to do to me", Delta said. 

He reached to his side and pulled out a gun. 

"You stole my wallet in the car. All the cards in there are expired, sorry it would be useless", Delta said. 

He disassembled the gun he pulled out. He had nabbed it from her when he made her trip. 

He moved close to her and squatted. Close to her face, he watched her groan in regret. 

"First, you need to prove that your life is worth it."

She fell on her back not able to reply. 

"I had the meat poisoned. The noodles is not. First you would begin to vomit..."

Sandra threw up, most of her stomach content, on the tiles. 

"And next, you will bleed."

Her nose began to bleed almost instantly. 


She began to curl up, her hands shaking. Her face was going pale and her eyes went all whitish as she laid flat on the ground, shaking. 

"Then you die!"

She stopped moving all at once.