Delta gathered all that he could as per file and soon he was at the window blind. His thumb against it as he tried to see what was happening in the compound, he looked back again and watched Sandra on the ground. He carried her off the floor, dropped her on a couch at one side of the room and left the room.  He got into the hallway and he made his way out of the dark with his phone's flashlight. He was in a smaller room in the shortest of time and he pushed close all the door and switched off the flashlight like he was going to get lost in the darkness. He pick his phone as it beeped and the brightness from its screen, came like a liberty. Delta whisked. "I need your help", he said. His bright brown eyes cutting through the dark. "The fat man is up with me. Tomorrow is the last day." He said again then he kept his cool.  He ended the call almost immediately and he stood in the dark for the next ten minutes having no intention to make any sound. All that was audible was his breathing. After a while, he moved across the small dark room. He got to the wall and he thumbed a switch and the room got lit up. He was at the phone again making another call.  "What time would the execution be done?" He asked. "Late evening." The Voice came back. "OK." He said. He ended the call again and he found his way around the arm chair.  His thoughts were heavy and so was sleep against his lids but he wouldn't even give in to slumber.  He had to get his brother out and all he could see was him drifting at a single plan. That wasn't him. He knew what he was capable of and now that he found himself at the end of it all, he triggered his motives with quick questions.  He really cared! And he wanted his brother out. Left with few choices, he got at it again, analyzing steps. He had made Sandra sleep so he would be invisible and just come up with plans. But it seemed a block was up in his head.  He got at his phone again, hoping for a miracle. "Can I reach Tolka?" He said. "Wait a minute Sir." The voice responded. He stayed for another five minutes and he stifled a grunt when he heard another click from the other end. He had heard about Tolka some years back. He was a high ranked prison officer and he was opportuned to have crossed Delta's path before. Thinking some sort of help would pop, Delta pulled the strings. The world thought he was dead and that made it all more complicated.  "Remember SRC2 Mission? We worked on the field together." That made Tolka smile. At last he found someone to share those moments with. Those moment the government was close to abandoning them on the work field. They talked for sometime while Delta retained his true identity. But Tolka never cared as long as the gist was legit. He had nothing to doubt. All what Delta was spilling could only be spilled by those who fought on that strange mountain.  "Hey and what's the name?" Tolka finally laid down the question. It was followed by a long silence then Delta spoke up. "Never mind friend... I have a little problem." "But your name! I might have met you on the field." "You remember any comrade with the nick 'Fish'? He had a large tattoo on his left arm." "Fish?" Tolka repeated. "I can't even remember", he said amidst a thick smile. "I need a favor from you." Delta let out. "I stopped doing favors a long time ago friend. Sorry I can't help you", Tolka replied. Delta ended the call immediately and he dropped his phone politely despite the anger building up in him. He sat down and he began to draft a new plan.  Around 4am in the morning, three wanted thieves got nabbed downtown and they were taken to a nearby prison, against the constitution, before day break. They had been caught on several occasions and most times they broke away on the spot. They were too smart to have been trapped off motion with a bullet buried in any of their skins. This time they caught them easily.