You could have asked right from the start about the kills. But you got too carried away you missed the details.

The flying bullets, greed, manipulation, anxiety, betrayal. What did you tag all this to?

A fight between two brothers? or it's two brothers against the world. Whatever would happen should happen. Not a must, but two brothers with the knife against each other's throats not for too long would happen.

A thing or two, maybe three would push back the dark clouds and make the light let reality put them in the middle.

Delta pulled his way across the street and he went widely to the west. He slowed down avoiding the bumps and when he reached a wide and black gate. He toiled with his horn.The gate got opened after confirmation had been made that he was the one coming in and he was allowed right into the house then he stopped at the large garage fixed to the house. He climbed down, his shoe working so hard to repel the sun ray.

He stopped at his trunk, shook his head then he jerked open the trunk.

He held on to the long cartoon in the truck and with his key we ripped it opened from one side.

It was like pressurised gases in a bottle, Sandra rushed out. She got her feet on the ground and she smacked dust off her butt.

"How was it?" She asked.

"Fine!" He replied.

"How did you miss the check point?"

Delta looked back, the question pricking on his ego.

"Simple!" he said, held on to the truck and he slammed it close. He knocked off invisible dust off his palm.

"When they got to the truck. I turned out disrespectful. The security guy's ego ate him up and he decided to take that up instead of checking my trunk. I made more offensive statement...."

Sandra watched with interest and after he was done talking, he let his hands into the pocket attached to his hoodie and he let her have a new bottle of the poison suppressor.

"This would last 24 hours." He said. She collected it from him and she gulped.

She looked out for him when she was done and he was gone. The quickest place she could trace him to was to the opened door close to the garage. She was quick with her feet and as she stepped into the dark hallway she heard a door slam close. Her heart skipped a beat. She help on to her self feeding her fear with a blind light.

"Hey." she screamed out. Her echo trailed the end of the hallway.

"Get in here." The feed back came and another problem was finding her way down the hallway, then locating where Delta is. After ten minutes she got the room. Her anger cool off with Delta wide smile greeting her at the doorway. She had a lot of reasons to be mad at him, but no. She saw her self smiling again.

"What are you doing." She asked him. She came closer to the table.

"I am trying to get out the signature."

"OK." She replied.

Her weak hands on his shoulder. He shook her hands off and in a speed close to that of lightning. He let his hands in a stretch for the side of her neck and she went off. Her knees sagged and he caught her before she fell into the ground. He lowered her body slowly and after he had her on the floor he grabbed the receiver on his table.

"Hello!" He said passionately into the mouthpiece.

"I think we have a little problem here." He added.

Godwin Okhuoya