Delta had it all planned. He faced his computer and he began to puncture the buttons carefully.

The bright light over his head made him feel smarter than his usual self and as he surfed the net, he was able to gather useful information.

He partially kept his eyes on his stop watch slated to stop at ten minutes.

On the 8th minutes, he stopped working, got up to his feet, adjusted the waist of his trouser and crossed over Sandra’s body. He touched the bed in an attempt to get it laid and in a minute he was done. He turned Sandra over with his foot and watched her roll over. She was breathless and lifeless and then his stop watch stopped counting.

“Boom!” He said. His lips vibrated as he mimicked the sound the watch gave.

Sandra jerked back to life, kick starting the process with a violent cough.

Delta started with a smile, a timid one. He touched the side of his cheek, his gaze on her.

“Well, I lied. Hmm, hmm, I lied.”

He watched her nose flare weakly. She would never be too strong to hit him, he was very sure.

“I poisoned you, you must be very aware.” His smile was wider. “I just wanted you to feel the power I have, my manipulative skills and all. Well! We could go head-to-head again. I kill for a living. That’s what I do.”

She shifted uneasily, her eyes still weak as she managed to narrow a straight gaze. With a lot jotting down on her mind, her emotions was with a knife, hewing down on her nerves, she wished she had that last strength.

“Have this last piece of my epistle”, Delta continued as he sat on the edge of the bed. “You would be down in the next one hour. Until I feed you a new antidote. PS : Don’t try to see anyone about this. You will die, no one can get the antidote fast enough. It takes three month to put the solution together and none is made for keeps. Ok?”

Her lips moved but her words got no where near Delta’s ear.

“Fix my little job and you will be free when I am done. We might be good friends after then.”

He stopped and got up to his feet. “And I will still pay you. I just want your stake on this. Ok?”

He nodded as he felt himself. He took out a small bottle and smiled.


He dropped the bottle right at her feet and he watched her stay put.

“For strength.” He said, his face going pale like he was growing out of patience.

She stretched for a grab and the next minute without study, she was gulping the liquid down her throat.

She rose to her feet immediately. It worked like magic. All of a sudden, the weakness had been lifted.

Delta turned around on impulse, he had felt the quick punch coming for his neck. He moved slightly to the left. The fist came past him and he watched it hit at the empty space. He grabbed the fist, making sure the arm doesn’t move.

“Rule blah-blah-blah, you don’t attack me.”

He pushed her away and watched her crash on the bed.

He had shown her more than enough power so he expected less disrespect.

The little reception was still wide enough to hold people together like match sticks emptied into an already full match box.

People on the waiting couch, both men and women, old and young.

The reception had more men than it had the women, but it had no effect. The old man at the door, close to the janitor, was busy nagging. He had to see the admin or whosoever was in charge of the prisoner’s file.

His son wasn’t even trialled.

“I have been here, since 8. I opened up with you guys. Why!”

“You have been jumping the line sir. Stay put.”

The janitor had told him politely. He would not listen. His wife joined him after a while and they both kept up with whining, till the janitor couldn’t take it a bit more. He had them thrown out.

Sandra walked right in there. She had worn a new make up and her face was bright.

She was in a black long gown splitted at the side and a blue blazer. With her stone bag, it was a perfect match.

Delta already told her she had to see the head of admin that day or things get messy.

Soon she was able to get the real fact after thirty minutes. The head of admin wasn’t even in town and everyone who waited were given numbers, asked to wait and at the end of the day, they would walk away angrily.

She would rather walk back to the car and ask him to kill her.

Forty more minutes, she approached the car Delta had dropped her in.

With all hopes lost, Luta would be dead before sunset the next day.