Delta struck his feet against the last guy’s rib. He heard it crack, the guy’s bone shifted out of place. He turned left and he swung his leg high enough to bring down another guy who managed to hold on again to a knife, blood surging off the side of the guy’s eyes.

Six guys down, and Delta was still standing. His fist tightened like a knot. He had a fixed frown and he was going to pull down anyone else who was going to stand against him.

Going down memory lane, he was one who had ended the life of twenty four men in a close combat. Just knife and daggers were involved in those attacks. He had a way he could go around maximizing weapon.

Delta walked away from the spot, leaving his car.

He motioned to the girl to join him and soon she was at his side.

They broke off the cluster of people who had pulled them in a circle for a watch.

In other to protect his custom he left the hood off and soon he was catching up with a taxi.

It was going to take the police twenty more minutes to get to him. That was the fastest they could do at responding to reports.

“Kelon!” Delta said.

He coughed and he looked to the side. The girl he had picked up in the club still fighting her way out of confusion.

“I can’t ply that route sir”, the driver responded. He adjusted his cap as he touched his mirror. He whistled again, awaiting a response or they jump out of his car. It was just midday.

“200 Dollars”, Delta said. He took his eyes away, ignoring whatever facial expression the driver would have.

“Pretty, be calm”, Delta said. He touched the girl's chin.

“I can save you. Nothing would affect you. Hmmm?”

The car’s engine roared to life and Delta paused. He had a short eye contact with the driver and he got a nod in reply.

The pretty lady right beside Delta still had nothing figured out. She knew right behind Delta’s pretty and innocent eyes, was a demon in fleshy cloak. She was in for the cash and whatsoever it was going to be, she was ready for him.

Love wasn’t her plan now, but she couldn’t stop sharing a gaze with him. His mind was out of the car, far off, somewhere she had no idea about. His lips, damn! She stopped staring at him and she took her attention side ways. Her eyes on the running object on the pedestrian lane.

The cab dropped into a five star presidential suite hotel and they were quick with the reception thing.

They got a room for 100ghceids and soon they were in.

Delta took the smart key, dropped it in a box and power was channeled into the room.

He dropped his bag on the available work bench and he looked at her.

“I didn’t ask for your name?”

“Sandra”, she responded.


He held her shoulder and he narrowed a bright gaze at her, making her feel like it was a soul transfer. His eyes compelled her, she forgot her lips were slightly open.

She is falling already!

“Rule 1, you don’t stay out of my sight. Rule 2, no one hears about this. Rule 3…” Delta slid a gun out and he touched her side with it, to make her feel it. He was so quick, she couldn’t scope the struggle for a withdrawal.

“Rule 3, you do what I tell you or you are dead.”

He nodded and let her be. He moved towards his work bench and he smiled.

“I know you too well, Sandra. Your Father, Thomas, is a Nigerian.”

She almost choked on the shock that came with the deep breath she took in.

“You killed four men last year. Two in different hotels, one was at a crime scene. The last was drunk, Kenny, who tried to rape you. You broke bottles on his head and he bled to death.”

Her eyes popping out from shock as she wondered who Delta really is.

“Now, you know I know you.”

This is the most dangerous man she had ever been with. Someone who could tell her about herself, even deep stuffs only exposed to her very self.

Delta left for the rest room. And as soon as Sandra knew he was gone, she felt her laps for her gun. Then again, she pulled out a silencer, screwed it to the end of her gun, and she pointed it at the door way leading to the restroom, waiting for Delta to show up. She was going to shoot him down in seconds and run with all his money. She was going to end Delta’s life.

Godwin Okhuoya