Delta had just done one of the craziest car stunt in his life. He had never seen himself pull up so fast without having to break his legs. He exhaled with his hands on the wheel, as he struggled to control the car with Sandra seating behind the same wheel.
“This must be heaven.”
The thin voice came off. Though manipulative, they all could recognize it.
Old man freed the pressure trapped in his lungs and he opened his eyes gently.
If they were late by a second, they would have missed Luta's head and he would have been face flat on the ground, his brain splashing out.
He only had bruises on his arms and the only pained sound he heard, was from Old man when he kicked away Luta’s leg from his head.

“Catch up bro. We will talk about this.”
Delta said as he gave Sandra the sign to switch position.
“We better talk about all the risk.” Luta responded. Grudgingly, he pulled off the shirt he had on.
“And that stinks.” Old man whispered as Delta got in full control of the wheel.
“I had it on for one straight week Old man. You don’t expect it to smell like fresh egg.”
Luta smiled as he watched them roll off on the deserted road.
“The egg I talked about!” Luta began again. Old man looked at him, feeling tired already. He knew how long Luta could talk. He wasn’t just ready for any side talk. Not this time with all this headaches. He could use a little pill right now and just some seconds of silence, that would be pleasant.
Luta, just wouldn’t give up.
“I can make use of water, you all know.”
No one answered him. He pulled out his hands from the side window and he felt the wind rush eating up his hands. He could feel the sensation taking him up to another level.
“Get down!” That was Delta’s voice coming hard. Luta stopped dreaming and he stow away a gaze, his frown was a cast of his personal reflection. How he felt at the moment and how he was trying to shield away his frustration. He needed just one moment with a spare, a gun and packs of C4. He would be blowing off all he had as a link to his issues.
He wasn’t fine, but with his bants, crazy looks and all, you couldn’t just look pass his face and tell how messed up he was really! Deep down.
“You didn’t tell me anything about this part of the plans”, Luta ranted. He took his hands in.
“No one knows the plan except me.”
“Yeah! Yeah! Maybe things would start making more sense if it’s less of you and more of others”, Luta said. “I have been in that hole for too long. You could have done something earlier if you cared”, he added.
“I didn’t see your ass in there. Remember?”
Luta rolled his eyes, not ready to move on with the talk. He pulled on old man’s cloth and he let go of a little whisper.
“What’s next?”
Old man gave a negative nod, then Delta’s voice came again.
“The plan!”
“Listening...” Luta replied softly.
“Old man will have you out of the car now…”
“He knows what is next.”
“Ohhhhh…” Luta shrugged and he got out of the car.
Delta pushed the car forward and as he moved, his frown grew thicker.
He could see the security gate from afar, he knew what the questions would look like and with the current break out in the prison, he knew how smooth he had to be.
He got close to the gate and he crushed on his break pad softly.
He touched Sandra on her laps as he adjusted the gear and he took his eyes away.
The broad chested guy came around the car and as he tried to speak, Delta was pro-active, his hoodie was still on, ready to reply every question.
“ID, please.”
The guy asked, his thick voice held no chill and he wasn’t just looking ready for any conversation.
Sandra had it up to her neck and she just wished he would not say anything off the line.
“Site supervisor”, Delta said. "I came around to supervise the new prison blocks being built down there with my wife."
The Man wasn’t convinced yet, his hands around his gun as his fingers laid close to the trigger.
“ID?” He asked again.
Delta looked away, he drafted a short smile.
“Check the drawer”, Delta said.
Sandra went for the drawer in full doubt. That was off the plan and she knew there was nothing there.
Delta came down the car and he smiled again, like he was addicted.
“Let's go check my trunk while she checks that out.”
“I want to see it now.”
The man insisted.
Delta looked away. He got back into the car and helped Sandra out. His first touch was on her shaky hands, he could sense fear. But as usual, he was the master planner.
He came off with an ID, leaving Sandra shocked and handed it over to the security man.
The security man lowered the gun as he checked through the card. He got satisfied after a while and he handed over the card. He said nothing and passed them.
Delta started the car engine, pulled his gear over to drive and as he tried to fire on, the security man’s voice caught up with him again.
“STOP!” He screamed.
Delta already rolled off his head as he laid out a new plan. He knew the man must have noticed some foul play on the ID.