Ben took off his suit, seating at the top floor of the secretariat now seem like a job in hell. The heat was all over him despite the fixed fan and the AC. He wasn’t just getting himself and with the way the break out news spread like wild fire in Ghana, he expected the press to be at his neck. Well, they are!

The next ding he got had him staring away from his desk and right then he wished he had super powers and he could pull things closer. He had none, so he launched off his seat for the phone and after he had successfully banged the telephone on the table watching the receiver fall to the table, he stretched for it with his shaky hands and pulled it up to his ear then he remembered he had not scoped the caller. He had a blank idea about who was going to be screaming across the line.


The Kenyan stood on top of the roof unwatched, he knew how long it was going to take him to get noticed but same way he had not taken the time and heart to peep across the frenzy height to see what he was tossing Luta into.

The two other guys with him were calm and smart, both Ghanaians and they had been in the prison for seven years now. The Kenyan’s deal with them was simple and he didn’t promise too much a reward he would fail at pulling through. He getting off those walls with that bag pack he had strapped behind him was just what they wanted. Yeah! Something that simple.

The bag contained notes these two men had written to their family, and if they were still alive, the Kenyan was going to find them, give them the notes and also give them money. That by the way.

The Kenyan moved over to Luta, stared at him and smiled. His grin was like a broken pen against a dark sheet, it made no sense to smile at all the hell that was breaking loose.

“I would be tossing you across this fence...” His eyes rolled to the side as he stared at the fence, “in lets say, four minutes time.”

The Kenyan looked away from the little wrist watch he had kept with him all this while. He handed the wrist watch over with just half a leather arm to one of his men with him and he faced Luta again. He only wanted to talk and shed off all the cloaks, clouding up his thought. He would never have imagined Blaze picking up a job with all this risk.

“You are his brother?” the Kenyan asked. Luta nodded positively. Then he smiled back with so much simplicity as he gathered so much strength to project the totality of his unseriousness and his usual nature toasted the whole moment into a joke scene that would never fit.

“No!...” Luta protested, he knew that was a wrong option, “but he once fell in love with my sister, that made him my brother in law. So… isn’t he still a brother?”

“Fuck!” the Kenyan blotted. He wiped his lips dry and he wondered if Luta was fine.

“Sorry! Who are we talking about again?” Luta asked again, his face was clothed with anxiety. “My brother is such a dick head, I am not too sure he would stage this up for just my life.” He continued.

“Yeah! Blaze had always been the selfish type I never knew all this was for his brother. He told me it was a job! The fuck! He lied to me.” It was obvious the Kenyan was angry and his eyes already had the red touch. His quick decision was leaving Luta on that roof and getting away in the next five minutes.

“We walk through all of these, lies, deceit, manipulation. The world, fucking treating us like fuckers!” he increased his pace as he kept up with his rant.

“Now! We deceive each other for each other… really? Why would he ever not tell me we were going to give up cracks worth millions for your thin fine ass! Why?” he was yelling now and Luta was just there trying to figure out how everything had gone wrong.

“Emmm… My brother is not blaze.”

The Kenyan paused. “Wait! Your brother is not the thick lunatic with scars and marks all over his body like he fought a lion?”

“No! I guess who you are talking about might be the leopard my brother had hired. My brother is cute.” Luta flushed a blush and right after that the guy on the left spoke.

“Three minutes late boss.”

The Kenyan looked angry he could have pulled off a stunt and turn things upside down, it wasn’t going to work. Not even now. He made a gesture and a knife was thrown at him. He grabbed it and he made a quick slash against the rope that got Luta glued to that spot. He looked at the two guys and he anticipated their next move.

It would be simple logic.

“What are they going to do to me?” Luta cried as he got jerked by the two men.

“They are throwing you off the fence.”

“The what?”


“Are they professionals?”

Luta’s shrill cut across the atmosphere as he was thrown across the fence by the two men.

The Kenyan faced them and he said again,

“That was a bad throw there.”

“Yeah!” The short one replied while the other man nodded.

“You think he is dead?”

“Yeah! He would miss whatever was going to take him.” The Kenyan said and the short guy went sober. They walked off the fence without taking a look.