The old man was the only person Delta could confide in and he wasn’t ready to spill a word, not even now. Not this dreadfully moment, that everything was folding up. He took down his laptop, smash closed his lids and he secured a money transfer to his hacker's account then he was out of his study.
In the hallway stood a dark lady seductively, the whole of her shape were well carved, end to end like a circle in a cycle. She took a pose that made her shadow scream for attention and as Delta moved, the reflection of the dim lit over her head was his focus, he wasn’t even going to fall for the ass thing this time and no worker would take a space in his head. He walked pass her and he noticed her struggle was with one of the doors. Her uniform, tag, fragrance and all, he could easily tell who she was? Why she was trying to get a door open and why she was that seductive. About the seductive part, she has a nice shape. He admitted.
Delta stomped into the very room he felt Old man would be and he found him right in there, not dead. He took few seconds off, standing at the door as he watched a bottle of soda drink go from Old man's hand to his lips.
The old man had noticed his presence and he whirled around to say a welcome, but Delta was defensive. He was quick at building a wall with a question.
“…and who is that girl in the hallway?” “A worker?” He answered himself and then he got that strange look from Old man and he was away not saying a word.
He walked out and he used the stairs. Soon he was on the first floor and he was accessing Sandra’s room. He delivered a knock on the door and she opened up after questioning who the caller was. She was glad it was Delta, but he never made all the good feelings last a minute.
“Emmm…” Delta tapped his hands against the metal frame supporting her door.
“How are you?” He asked. She looked at him and she rolled her tongue across her lips as she tilted her head to the side, taking her hands across her chest.
“I am fine .” Her reply was slow and less energetic.
“Good”, he nodded and he turned around then walked away. That was the ugliest thing he had ever done to her. She felt the pain, like she had been ignored but she had more to think about.
She walked back in, promising to give him all she had with attitude and right at the end of her bed, she laid her phone expecting it to ring so she would apologize.

Blaze took off a cigarette stick off his lips he shook his head and he stretched his hands he was ready for action. Not really! He sat back on the chair behind him and he had his feet crossed while he watched the fight go on. Someone walked up to him and whispered about someone among them. This intruder wasn’t a prisoner, but was acting like one.
The worst thing was that they never knew who the person was.

The Kenyan watched closely and when he got access off the main prison he broke his way deeper into the inner prisons with men fighting for power and freedom. Their screams held violence, anger. It told in the way they smashed arms and break down walls.
The logic was this. ‘Work with Blaze’s plan.’
Blaze took out time and he laid this rules out like a warning. It was more than the regular instruction. Not really a warning!
He started out by listing out the few escape routes. He gave the Kenyan the duty of making Luta swim across damp and having himself thrown across a long fence almost 40 feet tall. That was almost death, but Blaze said it was safe so they had to trust it.
So the Kenyan felt smart in his ways, he felt the route meant for Luta would be safer. He was determined to throw Luta across the fence, he grabbed Luta by the shirt once he was done breaking through the door and rendering the man harmless.
He looked up to his eyes and he caught the glimpse of fear.
“ I am here to save you homeboi. Call me Master Jesus.”
Luta looked down in fear; he was off the ground already as his feet struggled for a place of rest.
“And keep your boxers dry”, Blaze said again then he let him down. Luta’s weak feet couldn’t even take him, he crashed into the ground.
Blaze consulted his wrist watch and he smiled, “13 more minutes.” He said.

Sandra pulled the wheels with all she had, pulling the Benz out of a junction, it crossed a different lane and she struggled to get it to balance back to her lane.
Delta sat confidently, strapped back to his seat by his seat belt. Old man’s intestine was almost off and he as he feared a crash. He could have spanked delta and yelled at him like,
“Why are you so confident in her drive?"
“Whats the update?” Delta asked, as he checked his wrist for time.
“If we get there in less than 10 minutes, whosoever is jumping off that fence would be having his bones all over the floor.” Sandra looked at him as he spoke, “he or she is dead then.”
“How many more minutes will it take?”
“Fifteen minutes if there is no traffic sir.” Sandra replied politely and Delta felt rock hit him.
His brother would be dead anyway.