John Kelon felt the urge to see his old time boss. As his driver took him on a long boring tour around the town, he felt the urge to stop for a bottle of beer using one of the classic bars in Top Most Resort. It was 10:49 then and he was almost done for the morning. He only had to report to fat man how it went down in the hell he was sent to.

He gave his driver some cash and he let him have fun deciding he uses another table in the bar.

The bar was up in the 4th floor of a beautiful complex right in the heart of the city.

Ladies clenching to men, cigarette burning up with red ends, finding it's way off to the roof, the curtains and the lights made it look like it was a new world entirely.

John knew it was the best spot for his old time boss to come around so he picked up his phone, his mind battling with thoughts of how it used to be when he was working with him (Dumas) as a persecutor. That use to be some years ago, things had pretty changed now.

John smiled, the phone almost reaching the side of his lips. The call wasn’t going through and after he had tried it for over three times, he gave up.

His weak eyes scanning the room, his sense hunting danger, but he felt all cool with whatever was going to come. He later made a call for a cup of beer and he took another time to study the bar, one man was reading a paper at an extreme corner. One lady in a blue flower gown too was giggling in one corner, she must be having fun to the extreme. A huge guy on her side, must have been drilling all the jokes, he felt.

He took the last sip off his glass, and he took to his feet. He was touched on the side and life left him.

“Boss! Ready to go.” His nose leveraged on air again and he smiled, that was a very familiar voice-his driver.

Few minutes after they left, the guy with the newspaper lowered the paper. His hood had a lot to say about who he was and with the way he found his way around, it was clear he had been around here for a while now.

He used the exit after paying for the coffee he had ordered and soon he was at this car, he thumbed the small control he had with him and his car gave off the beeping sound.

He had gathered enough information and he was sure blaze would be left in the prison for a day and that would make his plans work out well.

He got home and just as he had ordered, Old man and Sandra waited for him in one of the living room attached to the first flat.

Right off the car, he was feeling way too emotional and he felt the whole thing was tiring, he could have been long gone a while ago, but he felt his brother still needed a guardian, one that would be just trustworthy. Delta only found him worthy to be his brother's guardian.

A little bit not too sure if he should spill all his plans, Delta began on a cool note.

He watched old man's eyes to be sure he had his attention. He left Sandra to the open and he knew how well to have her dealt with if she wasn't going to give him the right attention.

"I just fixed a breakout for Luta, so he should be off this evening..."

"OK!" Sandra added.

Delta frowned at her surprised attitude, he felt he had told her all she needed to know and now he was a bit not too cool with the way she sounded surprised.

"No! tell me all this looks strange to you!" Delta said, the smile he got from Sandra in reply was coded with


"Remember you had me kidnapped and you snatched away my former life."

"Wao!" Old man exclaimed and he took the caution pill almost immediately, they both looked at him and soon they had their gaze locked again like a new war was being birthed.

The fire blazed for moments and it was kindled right in their eyes.

"Stop acting like your life wasn't very miserable and boring until you met me, call me the other light"

Sandra raised her brow. "Really!"

"Hmmmm" Delta sighed, he reached for his pocket and his phone was out again.

"I will give you the antidote that will last all day...."

"Wait when do I get free of all this mess and I get to follow you all around town to have fun on my own free will."

Delta scowled, not accepting her rudeness and lack of manner, he had expected her at the altitude of her anxiousness never to break him when he spoke.

"Even when I let you be, we won't be doing things together again."

Sandra shrugged, she wasn't liking the conversation.

It was crystal clear she was already in love with Delta, the weird and long faced dude who had everything hidden and if he could walk the street with no face, he could.

It wasn't going to work, but she hadn't given up on giving him the eyes.

"I have a map out plan to get him out today. Here is the role we all will be playing!" Delta looked at old man.

"It's two sided. We break him out of the prison knowing everyone would be caught back and before then we sort out the release document certifying that he has been officially released.

"What about fat man?" Old man asked.

Sandra straightened a gaze, her focus on Delta, she expected the right reply.

"That's what I am working on now." Delta said.

Old man frowned, he let his feet reach the ground and he stood on his balls.

"Let me go and fix what we talked about." Old man said. Delta nodded and he motioned old man to leave, he looked back and in the arm chair was Sandra looking lost, she still wasn't looking stressed out after all and just like the morning sun, her beautiful face was on a constant rise. Delta wasn't going to be stupid to fall for her beauty, but this was strong and compelling.

Delta coughed and he was going to spill his mind, Sandra looked over. She flushed a smile and she hooked off locks of hair off her face. Delta pulled closer, air off his nostrils hitting her up like she was faced with a car's exhaust.

He was looking down on her and when he felt too uncomfortable he pulled her up, his hands wrapping her up as he braced her, creating a bond to himself.

She started into his eyes, like she would share his pain, like she wanted to feel what he felt, like she wanted to rip his heart off his chest.

Their face pulled closer each other and their nose touched, Sandra had her lips anticipating, her appetite wet as she closed her eyes.

A banging sound came off quick and they separated angrily, Delta frowned as he stomped at the door, he was going to kill whosoever was behind the doors.