The funny thing about the whole scene was the time frame.

It was a huge disturbance for John and for this same reason he had wanted to quit his job having regretted studying law over and over again.

It wasn’t like this was one of the petty jobs he could yell at any of the Admin staffs about how much he would want to quit, no. Fat man saw him doing what he loved to do best one day in Westside lutard old court and he loved him. It was a deep love, a thing more than what two opposite sex would share. The fat man laid money on John’s table and behind this were the funny, dirty deals.

Times he had to build up lies a whole country would never be forgiven for. Get the poor out of their homes and get the stubborn rich back to dust.

John sat behind his car as his driver used the driveway in the most polite manner. And he felt, this precious moment if not spent at the bar could be more useful if he was in bed with his cute little mistress. The very woman who he regard as no competition to his wife.

He got to the prison yard few minutes after eight and he got off with a cloak of pride. His dark shades twining with his shoe's color.

He flushed a quick smile and as the driver pushed close the door, he smiled again.

He spoke to the security guy who came to attend to him. It was the admin block of the prison yard and he had a signed permission note to see a prisoner.

He came in the name of a respectable man in the country. Besides, this wasn’t his first visit.

He was made to get into the waiting room. After a short while, he was asked to carry himself and his pride into another room. No one was allowed to go with him and he was searched to the bone.

The dim light and table with two chairs was all the conversation room had. One of the chairs had a prisoner in it, the very person he wanted to speak with.

John watched, looking sideways when the door closed, he moved his chair closer to the table.

“Are we being watched?” The prisoner asked.

“Blaze!” John called. “We are not being watched. But why did you pull that up?”

Blaze smiled, the prison would be all over him in just few hours but he felt determined like he had a motive.

“Fine! Where did you drop the cake?” John began with that.

Blaze smiled and looked away. He brought his face back and ignored the question again.

“Blaze, you might rot in here if you don’t tell fat man where you dropped the cake.”

“We misplaced it ok. We misplaced it… free us.”

“Blaze, you don’t talk to me like that. Listen to me.” John pointed to his chest. “106 troubles, I saved you. I saved you.”

“John stop giving accounts. What if we don’t do the dirty jobs? drift off cakes and coco, all for the hood. How will you get paid? How will you live your dreams? How? But we get paid back with peanuts. Forget it.” Blaze ranted. He got off his seat almost immediately and he stepped away.

“I am going to push that button right now,” he pointed to the switch far off the wall. “and the conversation would be over.”

“Be cool”, John said. He got to his feet and he rented a wide smile.

“Boss needs the cake today.”

“I don’t know where it is exactly but get us out first. We are going to find it”, Blaze responded.

John nodded in satisfaction and he adjusted the cloak of his suit. His wrist watch reflected light rays and Blaze stood still with his hands up to stop the light rays from entering his eyes.

“Deal! We get you out Monday. Play save”, John said.

Blaze nodded, then he moved over to the switch. He pushed a button close to it and an alarm got triggered.

Delta gazed into space as he stirred the coffee in the mug. The steam hit his pores producing sweat and at the slightest movement, he would raise his hand to wipe his face.

When he was done, he carried the coffee into the main room and seated on the bed was Sandra looking stressed out. She had no idea what had happened and no one was going to feed her up with the right set of info. But so far so good, she was enjoying every bit of the adventure.

She took a sip from the coffee and smiled, her thought savouring the sweetness of what she had just downed in her stomach.

Delta left her in the room and he got back into the hallway. In there was Old man waiting, a mobile phone in his grip.

"What's next?" Old man asked silently as they moved on.

"Do the transfer, ok? A thousand dollars to Blaze's account."

"Ok boss", the old man replied.