John kelon received a call before he could get his face off his wife’s bosom that morning. Drool lines were across his lips as he jerked off the blanket that had him wrapped to his wife.

She noticed his absence and she tried to reach for him with sleepy eyes. He slipped out of her reach, the sleep already off her eyes. He got to the standing mirror in his room and dressed his hair. His wardrobe wasn’t too far off.

He slid his hands into his suit, hit the door and as he was about to shut it close, his wife called out his name.

Her voice, he smiled at it.

“Babe, work calls”, he said.

“Awwww”, she sighed not too strong to get off the bed.

He stepped out. He had been out hundreds of times earlier than this and he had to come back for an explanation. But she trusted him and his moves. He could leave her to catch up with money but she was extra certain he would never leave her to see another woman.

It was a soft ride for John with the AC blowing off cool air. John was at the head office before 6am and with the right turnings, cutting his route from hallways to hallways, foyers to foyer, forcing doors open and having to cut off cobwebbed paths. Finally he was before a desk, panting. The room was partially dark and the other guy who had light off his phone was at the shelf doing his thing, noisily with the dust. John was not noticed. Seems the other guy was too absorbed in his activities that he was off the scene.

John coughed.

“Oh!” The skinned headed guy at the shelf stopped staring at the books. He was quite not sure what the selection was about, but he had to quit at this point. Talking to John was far way too important than the piles of books.

“Who pulled the call over?” The bald man asked as he reached out for John’s arm. They shook hands.

“Fat man”, John said.

“A bad morning already. He called me twenty minutes ago.” The bald man replied. He let go of a soft smile, held the door and motioned John to hit the hallway again.

“I guess it’s something dreadful as usual.” John said as they moved, their feet creating the massive echo.

“Like his nephew is on a roof top, suggesting suicide?”

John smiled listening. “I could get your daily bread off now. I have more than enough now.”

“Really? Like you have a link to mama for some more.”

They both chuckled.

It seem they were close to their destination. The bald man stopped and he crossed his hands, placed it right in front. He gave the ‘Move forward’ nod.

John pushed the door opened and he wondered, why the huge mislead. No one would have wondered so much brightness behind those close doors. This was the very first time John was going to join the fat man in the inner room.

“Sit.” Fat man said almost immediately.

John sat as he got the wave and before he could start up the conversation he got the lead from fat man.

“Two of our men got arrested this morning. They had some kilos of cake…”

“Coco…” John said silently.

“Yeah… coco… They didn’t disclose where they had it dropped. If they rot in jail, the coco rots where ever they have it hidden.”

“What do you think boss?”

“Get them out ASAP. First we need someone to see them and talk them into telling where the cake is.”

“I can!” John said.

“I know, I know you can. Talk to them first thing this morning.”

“Ok.” John said. He sighed and it seem that was all to it. He stood up and he hit the exit. That was some extra cash for him.

Delta at his table before 6:30 am already knew about the meeting the fat man had. He had people everywhere and he was pretty sure the fat man was working on getting his rats out of the hole. He pulled his call through to the fat man, his plans almost fitting like a cap on reality’s head.

It was a short call and he was only telling the Fat man to forward details of everyone he wanted dead for his brother’s release. He promised to fix the issue that night and have his brother released the next morning.

He had a backup plan in case the bridge would go up in flames.