In and out of her 

Her smoothing body was across the bed and that made all the muscle i had arouse. I felt the kick against my strand and one voice was behind me giving me a giant whisper. 

"Go in"

It was like she had a magnet in her and I was been pulled towards her axis. I moved across the room and I crossed the bed to reach her. 


It happened this way. She was the smoking body that ruined my determined perfection. 

I was this young christian who had all my shit in a can. Flung across a roof and having my heart soaked in the blood of Christ. 

Back then I was this sex king. I knack like an hammer, smooched like a sponge, I was deadly with the drive. 

But I had to stop all of it. It was all taking a lot from me. I got eroded to the point that I had no thought of my own. I was this man of vision. Enlightened by understanding. But it all faded. 

This girl was just the last thing, I had sworn never to see again. But this time I found my self back at her feet. I don't know what brought me around.



I crossed her with my cloths on. And we went into each other negatively. Only the cloths that stood on us was the distinct difference.  

I broke the X and I came off after I had cum, feeling regrets.

She pulled me back to my old self, but I got determined to rise up. 

I walked away feeling broken and hexed. After a while I got back to my self. Pulled my self together, and It came, hitting me back like a warning "Flee" 

I concealed that my only way out was always to be on the run from my type, always to be on the run from the very thing that could make me loose all the virtue I had gathered.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya