I see my self 

Half of the community thought it was my unique fellowship with demons that made me a star. I never went deeper than the well known spot the deep souls had called shallow, and on my quest to be more than what the earth could hold. I crossed lined and boundaries. Knowledge from the young and old. I picked it all. 

Talk about wealth! I had it under my foot. Money was under my control. Infact I could have claimed to be the richest man in the west, if not for my humble spirit. 

Big news papers and well known journalist stood every corner to have a word with me. I am always two steps ahead. Just few had the chance to see me not moving. 

I single handedly started the Fustak concert that held every viable musical giant together. 

It was my love for music. Watching operas as a kid give me the knowledge of what I could made. 

What I am in?

 I sell by making people sell on my behalf. I tip them and I gather the rest of the profit.

 This was the late months of 1990 and the Fustak concert was just four weeks before Christmas. 

I had promoters and event planners in town. I mean the best of them. The Fustak was special to me so I took care of it myself like it was a sole business deal ties to my soul. 

Dallas was just more than any town for me. If they should give me no issue in starting up Fustak. With taxes and other leverages at it lowest stand. Dallas had just been the best place for Fustak to kick off. 

The whole world was going to gather at Dallas this time to watch the best performing artiste from all over the globe. I could track the statistics behind the promotions and I knew what I expected. Tickets were limited and soon it all had been purchased. We got a bigger place and we issued 1,000 more tickets. It went down in two weeks. 

The ticket fee were doubled and the price could only be affordable by the rich. 

The day came and the City was eaten up by strangers laying in every corner. 

The show was in the evening, fixed for just 4Hours and that was all. I saw to the security system and I made it tighter than ever. No one without a ticket, I had expect never to have an ice of what the show was about. 

Quarter minutes to four. The show had already started and I decided to take a tour outside. I was on disguise with a thick beards, longer mustache and wavy eye brown. I also had a wig on purpose so no one would know it was me moving around. 

I got outside the large hall and I was made to knew we had spill over. We already expected that to the fate of 500 out of the 1,500 people who got the expensive tickets at the late hour. 

I moved around with no guard and I spotted A young boy who could have not been more than 18. He was in a dirty overall coat and I saw him stretching to look ahead. I knew he had not gotten his tickets himself. I was curious to meet him. I adjusted my shirt, trying to look like one of the events officer. 

"Hey you! where is your ticket." I asked and I watched him glower. I gave a quick finger strick and I watched the security man on my left come closer. He didn't know who I was, but my apparel must have convinced him to believe he could take instructions from me. 

"Take him." He has no ticket. 

I watched the security man pulled the young guy off by his coat. 

He could not provide a ticket and all that he said was that he misplaced it on entering for the show. 

I saw it in his eyes that he desperately walked his way up for the show. His shoe showed an high level of poverty. It was a soleless show and his trousers were tore close to both kneels. 

A quick flash of my childhood came up. How I had struggled to craw behind my rich master's desk to check the old pictures he took at every opera he had attended. Those where the image I pulled together that made me feel I had seen operas. I was poor and broke with no father nor mother but a master that was always on the road. How I feed on dog meals before my master picked me up. How I got wise enough at five to know I had no one to depend on. 

"Leave him." I yelled and I watched the hush spread quickly. Eyes feel on me and I knew people would begin to wonder who I was. I pulled off all the customs and I watched people's jaw dropped. 

"You didn't pay for a ticket right?" I asked and I watched him nod. 

"How did you do it with so much security." He smiled and he responded. 

"My dream was meeting you." 

"Now you have." I looked left at the security man. "He is with me." I said and I took him with me. 

"Teach me the method you used to break my security and I would adopt you for life." I said and I watched him flash an unbelievable smile. 

Greetings began to come off the right and left as we walked down the hall with the sounds off the performing artist echoing. 

"Off course, I would be honoured to teach you sir." He replied and I stared deep into his eyes and all I could see was myself. I had inherited all that master had for being his most faithful steward. He had no son, neither was he married. If this boy that I know not his name would remain loyal and faithful he could be the next master.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya