His face puckered into a frown as he sensed the fat headed old man seated in front him, acting boss was going to make fun of his lack of fund. 

"You name again" The fat old man said, leaning against his chair. His hands clasped as he awaited an answer. 

" Casezzano Halt" "Sounds like some thing dug out of a pit in Italy."

"That's true. That shit is true. My mum was from a  town in Italy." Casez replied. 

He sighed then he shrugged. "Can I have this Darn form signed now please." Casez said pitifully

"Young man. I would love it if you mind your language." The fat old man met the surprise look on Casez face as he stopped talking.

"I need this hundred dollar bill man. It is my life. So are you going to give me or not." Casez asked again. He adjusted his sleeves and his hard face settled a gaze on the fat man's face. 

"Well" The fat man was saying as he picked up the form. He torn it into two unequal halves and he let go of an annoying grin. "No one tells me what form to sign or not." He said carefully.

Casez grinned his fist into his palm and he smiled. He stood off his seat and he leaned on the table with his hands. He looked straight into the fat old man's eyes and he wanted it clear that he was establishing a contact. 

"My daughter is so sick.  I need just One hundred dollars to get all her drugs." Casez paused as he slipped out of his pocket a piece of paper. A scrawled note was on it. 

"I dont what to see no doctors prescription." The fat man yelled jumping out of his chair. "I don't care about your damn daughter. Get the hell out of here." The man continued yelling. "You know what. Don't ever come back. Now get out." 

Casez stomped out of the man's office and he slammed the door close, almost pulling it down. His words carried strong curses and his voice echoed in the hallway. 

****20 minutes ago**** 

Doris heard her telephone buzz and she was too scared to reach it. She had heard foot steps in the lobby and she was scared someone was coming in. 

Another knock landed on her door and that made her draw in a deep breath, sending a note of fear to her. The lights were on but she had intentionally pulled down her curtains some hours ago. The whole building were used as offices for cooperate bodies. She had just rented one room. so she expected no visitor at this hour. No one had called about visiting. Except this strange number, calling her now. 

Doris movies across the room towards her desk and she slid out a sharp fixed knife, repelling lights. Her shadow trailed her as she drew closer to the door. 

The knock came up again and this time she heard a voice calling her name. "Open up Doris. I just wanna talk" 

Doris felt it hit her heart. It skipped a beat and her mouth went dry all of a sudden. She knew what was up. The envelope containing Two thousand dollars was about to be stolen from her. She rushed to her table, pulled out her drawer as she heard the man smash his feet against her door.  She laid hold of the envelope and she flung it out of the opened window, without a second thought. It was an inaccurate thrown but she knew she missed the whole point. She was saving the envelope from a thieve but she was giving it out to someone else to find. 


Casez climbed out of the small elevator that almost made him bend and he walked out of the building. He was mad at everyone including himself. The fat old man's bald head came to his face and he felt like pulling out his mind. He never wanted to see him again. 

Casez had just one prayer point on his mind as he marched pass several trash can. He prayed he came across an hundred dollar bill. 

Casez kicked his leg on a stone few meters away from the gates leading out of the building. He looked up angrily and he wanted to let out a curse. But his discouraged heart told him to look down. 

Right beside his feet was an envelope with an hundred dollar note sneaking out of it.

Casez looked out briskly. No one was looking. He picked up the envelope and he took a quick cheek. In It was more than 10 Hundred dollars bill. He stowed it into his suit without an exterior motive as he walked away with a thick smile radiating off his face. Now he had more than an hundred bill to save his young daughter's life. 

Case turned around, looking the building far off. He could recognise the fat old man office with its window frame. He raised his hands pinning down three fingers with one, leaving the middle one in a standing position. Then he yelled "I don't need your Hundred dollars no more. Fu!k you" 

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