Home coming. 

Few meter from home, I was. The very place I ran around when I was a kid. Playing with the sand, pulling up dust. When I knew nothing. This memories were the once I had before a lot happened. 

I drove down the single road till I could sight the sign board "private road don't enter". I knew right then that I was close. I consulted my wrist watch. Then i whirled the wheel to the left expelling a lot of energy as made a turn to the left. I addressed the gear box after i had stepped on the clutch pad and I smiled at my wife shyly. Her long hair, hitting her shoulder made me smile and I felt It again like never before, Love. 

My little boy played behind us in the car and that again made me pissed. He was disturbing me. I expected him to be a bit sensible at 5. Disturbing a silent atmosphere was more of like insanity to me. 

I had just 10 more minutes. If I didn't reach the house in 10 minutes my wife would exploded. Don't be sacred I mean this. She had arranged the trip and she loved to keep to time. So she would rant with her spit scrawling down my face if ten minutes pass and I am still driving.

I pulled up right in front of an old building without a fence and I nodded horizontally it was 8 minutes. I hoped no one stepped out of the car before me. 

It climbed down my head and i broke through visually. I saw it again. Like a movie been replayed. I saw my mum smashing off my dad's head with a mallet..That scene went out and another one came in. I saw her drowning her self in the pool behind the house. I was just 9 when all this had happened. It all crippled out of me and I didn't let go of those memories until I felt a cold touch. 

"What is wrong baby." Aie asked. I sniffed and i smiled, climbing out of the car like I was ok. I slammed the door close and i grinned. "Don't step out." I warned. She nodded in approval. 

I walked around the house sensing no one had been in there for years. Just as i moved around, I felt something clutching on me, my skin were itching me. It was like a feeling. 

I walked through the lawn and I sighted the hole that used to harbour the keys. Flies were all over it. Struggling for a perching space. 

My wife said she wanted to look so I would be quick with this.  

I picked up the piece of wood covering the hole and it dropped off my hands. My hands vibrated and my jaws separated, I felt something struck me. Shock had me fixed to the ground like I was in a magnetic shoe and the earth was a metal ball.

 It was right in the hole. A man's head, with blood all over it and the flies and the blood gave me a conviction that the murder was fresh.

I turned and around as I attempted throwing my face off the bloody head in the hole. Then i felt a strong breeze hit me. I tripped in an attempt to pull up a race. 

My butt was in the ground and I was looking a figure in front of me. He was in a hood but he had no face. If he had one. I didn't see it.

The sky went dark immediately and the sun was no longer in sight. The moon was in position. It was so quick that I could not process the process. 

The guy held a shinning axe in his hands and he drew closer. 

I wanted to scream but I felt something holding my throat. All I could do was panic. He raised the axe above his head. I closed my eyes tight as he brought it down on me....

I felt a touch on my shoulder and I blinked. It was Aie. I looked around, and i noticed  was back, behind the wheel. My hands went for my neck involuntary and before I knew what I was doing, I was feeling my neck. It was in place. No blood, I confirmed. It all, was an illusion. It was a scene played in my head. It might be a warning. 

 The look on my face told Aie my spirit had just been scared out of my body. 

I turned the keys and the car roared to life.

"Ain't we going in again."

"No.." I replied. A ditch of fear had been sunk in my face. "We are going back home now."

I couldn't tell her what I saw. If this was what home coming was about, I was never going to return where I once called home.


I spilled a cup of coffee over the couch the next morning when I saw the news headline on CNN "Man beheaded with an axe in an abandoned house in Houston Texas." I clutched my fingers around the cup and I gave in to biting my lips. Houston Texas was where the home I had attempted visiting the previous day with my family was located. The word "Abandoned Building" Stroke me again and I frowned, feeling how lucky I was not to have stepped inside the house. Now the picture of the abandoned house was in display on the screen. It was the place I once called home. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya