HSA Eps9

Angel's POV

I got home and went into my room. I took off my clothes and entered the bathroom for a quick shower. I dried off my body with a towel and wore a faded short and a large t shirt my mom used to wear. Then I laid down on my bed, ready to take a short nap. I groaned when I remembered that I had a ton of assignments. Later I went to my mom's room, grabbed her laptop and I went back into my room. I sat behind my reading table and I started with my assignments. I got up when I heard the door opening, signifying my mom's arrival. My mom always stayed late at work, being a waitress. I went into the kitchen and saw her putting foodstuffs in the refrigerator.

"mom, you're home" I said. She turned to look at me and she smiled.

"yeah,are you hungry?"

"plenty. what are you going to cook?" I said and sat down.

" baby, I can't cook right now. I'm soo tired but you can fix something for yourself." she said, kissed my cheek and went into her room. I opened the fridge and I looked for something to prepare. I sighed and decided on omelette, I was an expert in this and within few minutes, it was ready. I packed it on a plate and took it into my room. I did the rest of my assignments while eating. My mom entered my room and sat on my bed, I closed my notes then I turned my chair to face her.

"I saw this outside the door, I think it's your's". She said, giving me a little carrier bag. I opened the bag and brought out a parcel, I tore  off the wrappings and gasped. I stared at the iPhone in my hands then I looked back at my mom, she was smiling. I frowned at her in return.

"Are you sure you saw this outside the house?" I asked.

"yeah, you should probably switch it on" she winked at me and went out of my room. I switched on the phone and the first thing I saw pop up was a message from Justus. I smiled and opened it......

"christian Justus => sent a little gift to you, it's just for communicating with you..  From justus" 

still smiling like an idiot. This must be one of his phones. It looked not all that new and apart from that, it had been set I could see notifications from it's service provider. And above it were tons of pending messages. I clicked on reply

"=> I am grateful to the little idiot who sent me this gift. #smiles#.......  Angel

I dropped the phone on the table and took my plate into the kitchen and my mom looked up just as I entered.

"So do you know who sent it yet?" she asked, smiling. 

"yeah,a friend at school" I dropped the plate into the sink .

"A boy or girl?" she raised her eyebrow at me,daring me to lie.

" A boy" I said and smiled. She motioned me to sit with her with her hand. 

"Who is he. Do you like him?" she asked.

"hugh, mom why are you asking me that?"

"I just want to know why my daughter is blushing like a creepy idiot" she said, pulling my cheeks. I smiled at her and she hugged me.

"You don't have to tell me if you like him. Just don't end up hurting yourself, okay?" I nodded and hurried back into my room. I picked up the phone and saw 5 messages awaiting me.

"christian justus=> Am glad you like it." 

"christian justus=>m in a party with my friends but I'm really bored."

"christian justus=> I was a bit fun."

"christian justus=> are you sleeping?"

"christian justus=> I should let sleeping beauty sleep peacefully. Don't show up late tomorrow."

I giggled after reading all his messages and replied him

"=> I was talking to mom #yawns# but I think I'm feeling sleepy now...... Nyt.... Won't be late." .

I dropped the phone on the table and jumped on my bed, I hugged my pillow and grinned to myself. Thinking of Justus, I slept off.

┬ęPraise Aderinola