HSA Eps8

Justus' POV

I got in my car and drove to my house. I honked and waited for the gate to slide open. It was automatic so we didn't need a security man to open or close it. We had a technical guy who operates it and prevents the gate from opening to strangers. I waited for like an eternity then got out. I pressed the intercom and yelled at Jade to open the gate. I didn't get an answer from him so I dialed my dad's number.

"Dad, pls can you to tell that butthead to open the gate" I said through the phone. I heard a click from the other end and got into the car, vexed. Sometimes I wonder why parents don't wanna see from your side of view. I drove to Dave's house, got out and slammed the door shut. I went into the house and saw Dave in front of the T.V. He looked up when I sank into the couch beside him.

" Whatcha doing here, your old man is going to be furious if he knows you are not home" Dave said, flashing a smile.

" Well,my old man locked me out. I need a place to sleep till tomorrow".

"The house all yours buddy" Dave said and jabbed me. I winced and went upstairs. I chose a guestroom and fell face first unto the bed.  

Angel's POV

I walked in long strides towards my locker. I woke up late and my mom had driven me at high speed to school. If I had not read all night. I would have woken early for school. I increased my pace when I saw a figure in front of my locker. It looked like he was trying to pick the lock. I got closer to him, took my bag and slammed it on his head.

"ouch" He yelled and turned to face me. I gasped when I saw that it was Justus.

"what was that for?" he asked, rubbing his head.

" I'm soo sorry,I didn't know it was you" 

" It's okay." He said and put his hands in his pocket.

"but you are supposed to be in class, what are you doing here?" I asked, raising my eyebrow

" well, I was waiting for you" He said and flushed.

I smiled, opened my locker and took my notes.

"lets go, we're soo late." I said.

"Race you there" He said and ran off. I ran along, trying to catch up with him. We got to the class panting and sweating. Mrs Roberts, our class teacher and also our physics teacher looked up at us as we entered the class.

" Welcome latecomers, Justus see me after this class"she said, glaring at him.

" Yes ma'am" He said and pulled me to two empty seats at the back of the class. I listened to the teacher and jotted down notes. I heard Justus sigh when we heard the bell.

"Wait for me outside" He said and went to Mrs Roberts. I packed my notes and went outside, waiting for him. After what felt like a year. He came out, smiling. School went by in a rush,we had the same classes Together except two which I had with Clotilda. when the school was over, Clotilda pulled me aside.

"what is with the both of you?" she asked, her eyes twitching in curiosity. 

"Nothing he is just my friend" I explained

"Gal, you have to be careful, I don't want anything to open to you. Stay friendly with him and nothing else,okay?. I have to run, my brother is here. I love you" She said and kissed my lips. I frowned as she ran towards her brother's car. I didn't know what she meant but I was sure she didn't want anything to happen to me. I shrugged and walked home.

©Praise Aderinola