HSA Eps7

"where are you off to"he asked,grinning.

"m going home" I replied and tucked a wandering lock of hair back into place.

"let me take you home"he said putting an emphasis on home.

I rolled my eyes and pulled my bag tighter behind me.

"I can  walk" I said

"Sure, I know you can walk, that's exactly why I have to take you home" He said, then he walked to the passenger's seat and he opened the door. I sighed and entered. He closed the door and entered the car gracefully -where do these guys come from,mars?-i asked myself and rolled my eyes.

"So uhm, where do you live?" He asked.

"down town. I live in one of those rented apartments with my mom" I said and plastered my face to the side window so as not to look at him.

"Okay, so tell me about yourself" He asked

"what's there to know? My name you already know. My address you already know. So what else?" I asked coolly.

"what about your last school and how you got here?" He asked.

"I had a scholarship" I said, praying and wishing he would shut up.

"wow, you are a genius then" He commended gently. 

"genius? If you wanna say nerd, say it. It's not like I give a damn what you call me" I said in frustration.

He swerved the car right and stopped,he looked up at me in surprise or maybe shock, whichever one.

"Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that, seriously." He apologized . I sighed and nodded. 

"so friends?" he asked, his hands outstretched.

I looked into his icy blue eyes and put my small hand into his. He grinned and pecked my cheeks before going back to driving me home. We talked about school stuffs, he told me about some of the teachers, the friendly ones and the ugly ones. He told me about his friends and little about himself. He stopped in front of my apartment and I got down. He came out as well and rested his weight on the car.

"so" He said curtly, tilting his head.

"So what?" I asked, smiling.

"am I seeing you tomorrow?"

"sure" I said and walked to my door.

"no hug, no kiss? Aw, my heart is broken" He said, putting his hand on his heart dramatically .

I laughed " very sure you have a girlfriend, she'll give you one" I winked at him and entered my house. I looked out the window and saw him smiling. He got into his car and drove away. I entered my room,sighed and dumped myself on the bed -I really like that boy- I thought and drifted off to sleep.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya