On getting out,he looked at the others and told them he was going home,he bade them goodbye and left. His car was the only car left at the car park,he opened the door and entered the car. Melissa stepped out from behind the school flowers where she had been waiting for him. 

"i thought you wold never come out" she said,standing by the window.

 "hey melissa,we need to talk"she opened the door and sat beside him. "what do you wanna talk about" he put his hand through  his hair and sighed "melissa,i nee..." he was cut short when the phone rang,he picked it up 

"hi dad,...yea, am still at school...okay...bye" melissa looked at him curiously

 "i have to go,he wants to speak with me" "then,lets go together"she said bouncing in her seat 

"hell no!! you won't" he said "fine,whatever suits you"she replied, opened the door and slammed it close. 

Justus started his car and drove out of the school.

why does he have to call me,i was about to break up with that bitch,what does he have to say anyway- he thought as he drove into the compound. 

Justus got out of the car and went into the house,he took a deep breath and turned the knob to the living room. "dad, dad, i'm here" he entered and saw his dad and mr. Sky, (melissa's dad) discussing. "hello dad, hello mr.sky"  "hey justus,how are you doing?"mr sky asked "Am fine sir"  "okay,that's good. I thought you would bring melissa along " Justus looked up in surprise. "why would i have brought her?"  "because she is your girlfriend"his father said and winked at him.

©Aderinlola Praise