High school affair Eps4 

"i wasn't staring"Justus said, feigning innocence. Melissa cocked an eyebrow at him"really?"she asked.  "yeah,i wasn't staring"he replied again. She tapped his locker twice and bent putting her at eye level with him "i don't wanna see you with her" she said,smiled and walked away. Justus' friends;bill Gordon,Dave Elbert,Harry Floyd ran to his table immediately melissa was out. "Dude,whats up? You look pissed"bill asked,smirking. "you look like you wanna burst"harry jested. Justus' knew his friends were so much against dating melissa, that When he told them he had something to do with her, they didn't talk to him for a whole month. "she said i shouldn't stare" he said and sighed. "oh!,i'm sure you are gonna listen to mommy"bill said,pouting. "You caused all this,man. you shouldn't have dated her,she's not even your type"dave said. "I know that now and i'm soo frustrated"Justus said. "stop playing Mr nice guy and end this, it's not too late"bill advised.

 "its not that easy"Justus said. He covered his face with his hands then he sighed. "stop being nice,get this over and enjoy life for Chris sake"harry snapped at him "okay,okay, okay,i'l do it, happy now?"Justus said,his hands in the air "That is my definition of cool"Dave said and jabbed him on his shoulder "oww,do you wanna kill me?"Justus yelled,his face squeezed in pain "i'm sorry dude"Dave apologized "forget it,let's get out of here"Justus said "wait,wait,wait,hold on. Why don't we greet the new girl before going out"dave said . "since when did we start greeting new girls??"justus asked,his eyes wide in surprise. "since now"harry replied,smiling . "don't you think she's pretty?"bill asked. "you know what? You guys should stop thinking about girls and i'm sure your grades will rise" justus said . "easy man,i just thought you guys will look good together"Dave replied and winked. "i never heard that. hmmmm, you know what? let's give it a try"Justus said then he picked up his books.

   They walked up to Clotilda and Angel with Justus taking the lead."Hi girls"Bill greeted heartily. "OMG! You talking to us?"clotida asked,surprised since the guys hardly paid any attention to her in the past. "of course"bill replied. "who are they?" angel asked curiously, her soft voice went almost like a whisper. "Angel, these are the most popular guys in school" she pointed at bill "Bill Gordon,cute and funny" "Hi" he said and smiled. Clotilda pointed at Dave "Dave Elbert,he is cool and handsome,everyone respects him,he is in the football team and likely to be the new captain" Dave bowed and Angel smiled. "Harry Floyd,he loves music,he is in the school band" "hello"Angel waved. "the last guy is Christain Justus, he is a mystery,no one knows a thing about him"clotilda said "hi girl,welcome to our school"justus threw in a grin as he welcomed Angel ."thanks"Angel said,blushing. "I am angel" She continued. "okay,we just wanted to say hi, we'l see you tomorrow"justus said and walked away,his friends behind him like. 

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