Eps 3:  

Angelica looked around. She took in a deep breath and wondered where to go. She remembered that she had to collect her timetable and locker number from her school guardian. She saw a girl coming out of an office  and she ran to her. "i am a scholarship student and i need to collect my timetable but i don't know who to collect it from,please can you tell me where to go?"  "oh,you have to go to miss Hartwell for that,she will direct you to your class teacher"the new girl said  "where do i find miss Hartwell?"angel asked  "come with me,my name is clotilda andrews,your's?"  "angelica sinclair"angel answered  "lovely name for  a lovely girl"clotilda said, twirling her long brown hair with her finger  "thanks"angel smiled at her  "okay,we are here,just enter the office and ask whether she knows your class teacher"   "thanks a lot clotilda"   "don't thank me,i'm just helping". Angel smiled  and entered the office,she saw a young woman behind a large office desk  sorting out folders. Angel cleared her throat and the woman looked up "yes?"she asked "ma'am,i'm a new  student and i need to collect my  timetable from my class teacher but i don't know her" angel explained  "oh,you must be Angel,right?"the woman asked "yes. How come you know me"angel asked "I have your picture." Hartwell smiled "i am your class teacher and here is your schedule and your locker number is 105"she said,handing her a sheet of paper with her schedule on it  "thanks"angel said and left the office she saw clotilda outside,obviously waiting for her. "you were waiting?"she asked "duh,stupid question,m here"clotilda said,rolling her eyes"since you are a new student,you need a guide and i enjoy your company"she added  "okay"angel said  "what's the name of your class teacher?"Clotilda asked curiously  "miss hartwell"angel replied "cool,we are in the same class then,follow me"clotilda held her hand and pulled her along,she passed the hall and entered a class "hello everyone,meet my new friend and our new classmate Angelica sinclair"clotilda announced .

The whole class turned towards them and all eyes fell on angel. 

Christian Justus. The son of President Audt Justus ,the CEO of Nola enterprises

 Also the owner of three grand hotels and five shopping malls. Justus being the son of a rich man lived in luxury and had everything he wanted,money,cars,bikes and girls included. He really wasnt a flirt, he only loved "The girls" Company. Justus turned when he heard clotilda andrews introduce a new student to the class . -OMG!- he thought as he stared at the new student,she was a blonde with a wide cheekbone, a pointed chin, and  her small lips was the perfect match for her face. He watched her walk to her desk and sit. "stop staring at that girl"he heard a voice say beside him,he turned and saw his girlfriend,melissa sky standing beside him.

©Adeniyi olamide