High school affair Eps 2
"m ready mom" Angelica said as she walked into the living room "you look gorgeous,turn around,let me see you" flora said,smiling. Angel turned round and posed in front of her mom. "Oh my God! Mom. i can't believe i'm going to high school" "of course, you are" angel gave out a brief smile then her face was dominated by a thick frown. "what's wrong honey?"Flora asked,worried "Nothing. I was just thinking" Angel sat close to her mum. "u know you never told me much about daddy". "That's a story for another day,you're gonna be late for school"flora said. Angel frowned at her mom "excuses! Not again "she muttered "what did you say?" flora asked, her eye brown arched. "did i say anything?"angel said,feigning innocence. "To the car,now!"flora ordered demonstratively. Angel entered her mom's old Mercedes, flora started the car and they drove off. Angel looked out of the window and thought of how the new school would look like,the number of friends she would have and the type of books that would be in the school library. She smiled as her mom entered Derserly high school. She didn't wait for her mum to turn off the car's engine when she pushed opened the door, entangling her legs on the interlocked ground. Her gaze was locked on the high rise building far off. "Now, be a good girl and enjoy yourself,okay?" flora said. Angel rolled her eyes and she gave a positive nod "sure mom,see ya" she hopped out of the car and waved her mom off.
Flora smile. She yanked her car door close and she headed the principal's office.

©Adeniyi Olamide