HSA Eps10

Justus `POV

I smiled when I saw angel waiting for me at the front of the school, she had turned it into an habit ever since I gave her the phone which was over a week now, maybe she felt grateful for it or maybe she just felt it was normal as friends to do so. I closed the door of my car and went towards her. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Melissa rushing towards my direction, her friends behind her. She looked like a tiger ready to tear her prey into pieces and seeing that she was looking directly at me, that prey was me. She stopped in front of me, her hands on her hips, her eyes had gone red, about to pop out of their sockets. 

"what do we have here?" I asked, my hands stocked in my pockets. I was actually scared but I had to look like the jock I was. She took one menacing step towards me and grabbed my shirt, pulling my face downwards; making me face hers.

"you left me for that bitch? Do you know what I can do to her? you won't get away with this, you know that, right?" She asked slowly and quietly. I took her hands off me, straightened my shirt and walked away from her to angel. On seeing her again I smiled, took her hand and urged her into the hall. Getting to her locker, she pulled her hands from mine and folded her arms. 

"what was that about?"she asked, tilting her head to the side.

I rolled my eyes and groaned -what is it with women and gossip anyways-

"don't roll your eyes at me, young man. Answer my question?"

I ignored her, opened her locker and I looked at her schedule and started packing her notes for her without answering her questions. She frowned at me and collected her notes. She banged her locker shut and stalked off towards the biology class. I had to walk as fast as my legs could carry me to catch up with her. She entered the class and sat down. She didn't look at my side neither did she say a word to me. Miss Thompson, our biology teacher was a very nice woman but she doesn't tolerate noise in her class so I said nothing to angel. I waved at Bill and Harry who were just coming in but they didn't seem interested in greeting me, they occupied the seats at our front and turned round to greet angel. I frowned, thinking about why she got off so quick with them than with me. She even started eating at our table with her friend, Clotilda when they asked her to join us whereas she had told me she couldn't eat at out table. Throughout he class, Angel and Bill were passing papers and laughing. Everyone rushed out  immediately the class was over. Angel stood up and went out of the class, she still hadn't said anything to me. 

"come on, let's get out of here. We have maths together." Bill said from behind me. I packed my notes and left with Bill and harry, chasing themselves ahead of me.

Angel's POV

I left the class and hurried to the rest room. My bladder was killing me. I peed hurriedly and sighed in relief. I washed my hands and was about to leave when the girl Justus who had talked to me in the morning came in with her friends.

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