High school affairs Eps 1

"mommy,i won the scholarship!"Angelica yawp as she ran into the kitchen where her mom,Flora Sinclair was cooking. Flora turned as Angelica entered the kitchen and said "that's great sweetheart, mommy is so proud of you". Flora embraced Angelica, She knew she was going to be awesome.
Flora had always wanted to see her daughter happy. She had Angelica few months after she clocked 20, Angelina's father Christian Liam never showed up after he heard about baby. his cards appeared like ghost from hell during Christmas and whenever it was time for Angelica's to slice down her birthday cake. When Angelica got into elementary school,she had an affinity for books and she was always eager to learn new things. Exactly! that was why she pulled down the t.v set. She had so much curiosity stored up in her. She wanted to know more the talking box. Soon she was ready for high school. Her mum's shrink wages was never going to make that possible.
When Angelina picked up tears as a custom, flora had to promise to go for a loan. Weeks passed by, Flora was still not able to gather enough cash to help Angelina out. Angelina thought about something else that might work. Her tears wasn't buyer her much. Then she learnt about a very popular high school, organizing a scholarship exam for interested students, she had gone there immediately to register,she went for the exam and waited with hope for a good result. She had gone to her friend's house that day and was told the exam's results were out officially, but they had tips about the winner. Right there she confirmed she had been picked. Fortunately she was one of the Three best. she ran home immediately to inform her mom. Despite the fact it that the result had not been officially announced. Her source was genuine. This was going to change her life for ever.

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