High school affairs Eps6

"Anyways, melissa's dad and i have talked and we have come to a conclusion." his father continued "what conclusion?"Justus asked "when the both of you graduate from high school, you get engaged" his father replied. 

Justus stared at his father in shock,he could not believe his ears. "hum,dad,i don't think that's a good idea right now" "why not,the both of you are compatible,i don't see any reason why its a bad idea." his father said 

"love,i don't love her,i don't think she loves me too" his father laughed derisively at him. "you guys are getting engaged, period!". Justus stared at his father angrily and his hands curled into fists by his side "over my dead body will i get engaged to Melissa" he said angrily and walked out of the living room and out of the house. He got into his car and drove back to school in search of Melissa. He saw her friends and asked of her where about, but he was told she was already at home. He was frustrated and angrily he dialled her number

"Melissa........ About what i wanted to tell you the other time.........yeah,the thing is i'm calling it off with you........love?nah. I think it ran away...........there are many fishes in the sea girl. Hook one up. He hanged up,took a deep breadth and drove out of the school for the second time that day. 


(angels POV)  

Angel stared at the handsome face of Justus when he came to greet her with his friends. He  grinned" we just wanted to say hi. So....." He said. She stared at him as he walked out of the class with his friends. 

"gee. Angel. They came to greet you. You're getting popular real fast" Clotilda gleed in delight "what do you mean?"angel asked with a raised eyebrow "I mean they didn't come here to greet me. Those guys go after the real pretty girls and you're more than pretty"she said "you're pretty too "Angel replied "Thanks sweetie. School is a real borehole today. Lets go home" Clotilda said and parked her books. "but we cant just go home like that"angel protested

"don't worry,we're allowed to go home by anytime today" "okay"angel said and parked her books too. They walked out of the class. "Bye angel. My brother is waiting"clotilda said,waving. "okay,see u tomorrow"she said and waved in return. Angel waited for her mom at the school garage and sat down on the pavement. She waited for half and hour before she decided to walk home.a car hooted behind her,she turned to see who it was and saw justus pull up beside her in his car

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