"Hello there, pizza face" she said,her face was contorted in a smile and a scowl,if there is anything like that.

"Hi" I said as polite as possible and was about to take a step towards the door when she pushed me to the wall. I fell on my butt and winced at the pain, it took me a minute before i could pull myself, i tried again to move around them to the door but i was once again stopped.

"What is this all about?" I asked them,looking as calm as possible while i was boiling in anger,i cupped my hands into fists to make sure i didn't throw a punch at her grinning face.

"Ill try my best to make this quick,honey" she cooed at me before pulling hard at my hair, tearing a strand off my scalp. I screamed in pain and pushed her away from me,she came back at me with her fists and nails. She scratched my face and I struggled against her, her friends came to her aid and held my hands.

"I hope you love nude" she said and tore my sweatshirt off me,I opened my mouth in shock and screamed,i got out of her friend's grip  and ran out before she could get her hands on my skirt.

     I was dressed in my bra and skirt- way to go girl,this school does love you- students were staring at me,some were taking shots of me,i stood there,using my bag to cover what was left of my dignity. I will not cry,i will not cry,i will not cry- a tear slipped down my face,followed by another and another,i sank down to my knees,sobbing hysterically.

I heard Bill curse behind me and i closed my eyes,shutting out the noise around me,I cringed when two strong arms carried me off the floor taking me away from there. I didn't care who it was or where they were taking me to, all i wanted was to be left alone. The owner of the hands was putting me down,I shifted  away from the person,not ready to face him. He pulled me towards him and hugged me tight,I didn't move neither did i say anything.

"Are you okay?". Justus asked me gently,his voice full of concern, i burst into tears again and buried my head into his shirt. He cuddled me and said some sweet nonsense into my ear.

  I opened my eyes and pulled myself away from him, i looked down at my body that was now covered in a giant sweatshirt. I smiled weakly at him and got on my feet to face the guys.

"Im fine,just a little shocked" i told them to ease the worried look on their faces. 

"Let's go " Justus said behind me and pulled me out of the deserted classroom they had taken me to. He was fast and I had to run to catch up with  him, Bill pushed the entrance door open and Justus pulled me out of it.I was panting by the time we got to the car,I got in the passenger's seat and pulled my seatbelt over me. 

Justus' POV

 The anger and rage I was boiling in was undescribable as i drove the car out of the school compound. Melissa was really testing my patience and i was getting sick of it. I glanced over at Angel's split lips and cursed inwardly,I pulled over.