High School Affairs Eps 12

"Dude, what's wrong?" Bill asked me from the backseat. I got out of the car, and opened the door to the backseat.

"Drive home and take care of her. I'll be with you shortly." I said, pulling him into the driver's seat. I watched them drive away before running to the school. Fortunately, I didn't have to look everywhere for Melissa. I found her by her car with her friends. 

"See who decided to stop by." Melissa said upon sighting me, and licked her lower lip. I drew my hands into a fists, and cornered her body to her car, bringing us to eye level. "I am going to let this go just once, but if I see or hear you messing around with her again... Hell! Scratch that. If you so much as touch a strand of her hair, you are gonna have to deal with me, and I mean it!" I said through gritted teeth. Melissa flinched and her face fell.

     "So, you are just gonna leave me for her? What about me? Don't you care about my feelings anymore? I need you." She said, with her eyes filling with tears. She placed her head on my chest and held me tight. I reached behind me and untied her hands, placing them to her sides.

   "Just stay the f*ck away from her." I said and walked as far as my legs could carry me, away from her and her friends and out of the school.

    Angel's POV.

He didn't look at me. He was so focused on how to get me out of the school, that he did not stop to look at me once. It was as though he didn't care at all. Maybe I looked too vulnerable and he didn't like it. I shook my head, to clear the various thoughts circling round in it. He stopped the car and asked Bill to drive. I closed my eyes to stop the incoming tears. I opened my eyes and watched Justus standing on the road from the side view mirror, till he was out of sight. Bill held my  hand and squeezed it, comforting me.

"You'll be fine, Angel" He said, not letting go of my hand. I placed my head on the window and watched the passing cars and houses. Bill swerved the car to the right, taking us along a path into the woods.

    "Uh... Where are we going?" I asked out of curiosity. None of them seemed to have heard me because they didn't give me a reply. I looked at Bill and he shrugged. I sighed and kept shut, looking forward. Bill kept on driving further into the woods. There were no houses, neither was there any sign of life anywhere; well, maybe except the animals. I faced Bill and cocked an eyebrow at him.

   "You'll see." He said and kept on driving. I looked back. Dave was asleep and Harry had headphones on his ears, listening to music from his iPod. I was getting bored and sleepy, so I laid back my head, and closed my eyes.

   Someone was tapping my shoulders, and it seemed like someone else was breathing on my face.

  "What the hell?!" I yelled and sat up on the seat. Dave was grinning at me, his face only  inches away from mine.

   "We're here." He said and got out of the car. I stared at the cabin in front of us, and opened my mouth in awe. Bill helped me out of the car and into the house

"This place is awesome. Whose house is this?" I asked, rubbing and smelling the leather cushion I was seating on.

  "It's Justus'. His dad gave him as a birthday present." Bill said while removing his hoodie. He took my hand and pulled me up, leading me away from the sitting room, into a sort of hallway with doors at its sides. He stopped when we were at the very last door and opened it. It looked like a big guest room with flowers everywhere, a big king-sized bed, plumbed with vivid cushions, a reading chair and table, a large wardrobe, and a door, which I thought led to the bathroom.

  "This is yours. Justus spent a lot of time furnishing it. I hope you like it." He winked, touched my hair and left. I walked into the room cautiously, scared that it might collapse if I made too much noise. I sat on the bed and touched the soft beddings, admiring it. I couldn't sit still for too long, and started walking round the room. I opened the wardrobe and gasped on sighting the clothes in it. Justus must have had a lot of female friends over. I closed it, went towards the bathroom door and opened it. I could not but open my mouth in shock. It was huge; bigger than my bedroom at home. I filled up the big bathtub at the center of the room. I stripped and entered the tub, burying myself in the water. I flinched when the water made contact with my wounds, but later relaxed, and sighed in relief.