After putting forward my plan, the men were deployed as previously stated. It lied in the back of our minds that we had to be smart, silent and articulate in the way we launched our attacks. The bush was thick with evergreen trees and diminutive trees that neared their end in the age of trees. Every crack was ours, every noise made was from our people, and they searched for the enemy with their hearts out. For several hours we abused the virgin pitch-black forest yet the enemy was nowhere to be found. We searched every nook and cranny but there was no sign of the cunning angels. So we all met a rendezvous. We sat on the ground as our sweats dripped into the core of the ground. Anger flamed in our swords. Some men couldn’t sit down. Not until the enemies were on their knees. 

Hours passed until a day was in sight. We had promised our women we’d return with their valuables and pride before the break of a new day but we hadn’t achieved a fraction of it as a new day showed signs of breaking. 

“Listen you brave men. You have searched well enough for those who plunged such desperation and anger into your hearts. Your women will be proud of you. Those bones that rot in the ground on which we stand will forever be indebted to you. However haven’t achieved our main goal: which is to kill the enemy and take back our valuables. We shall not rest but we shall install dead silence in this cortex of ours. I tell you any crack squeak you hear is that of the enemy. We shall pounce on them and drink an early morning tea with their skull for generations to come.” I doggedly instilled another episode of nationalism in them. 

So we sat silently like a forgotten grave with no birds on it. We sat mutely like the souls of the slaves who were thrown into the seas and oceans that encircle us. Our sweat drilled quietly into the ground like the blood of those who were taken across mountains and deserts. We sat in total silence until our tireless ears beheld a crack. And then our lynx-eyed men saw white-gowned men gunning in on us. 

“This is the moment!” my voice faltering, “this is the moment we have been waiting for! Make your women proudddd!” it was the last thing I said. No sooner had I finished saying that, than the enemy pounce on us. 

“Argh! Argh! Argh!” that was the only thing I could hear as our swords graced their ugly faces. Men gritted their teeth as they landed helplessly on the ground and fell into the pit of death. Bodies flew in the air as blood spilled into the air; blood so thick I could drive a knife through it. Sometimes fear shook my walls as the enemy’s gun landed bullets into my people’s hearts. But they were brave men. They fought with swords or weapons which paled in comparison to what the enemy had. After repetitive episode of “Arghs” the last white-gowned ugly-bearded and repulsive-looking man from the other side of the bridge fell on his knees. Finally we slashed their throats and took back our pride. We finally conjured the biggest and greatest heist. Finally we reclaimed our pride! 

We sang victorious songs as we were accustomed to. Our women waited for us in the heart of the cottage. Our swords screamed of blood, vengeance and victory. At that moment I forgot everything that had befallen me and my family. That moment I forgot that I was going to live the rest of my life an orphan; a child with nil parents. Because I had masterminded the greatest ever heist 

After peace had taken its rightful chair amongst the people, the very people whose peace had been taken away overnight by some sinister, we honored those whose swords played an unforgettable part in ensuring victory but could not make it home because death had its cold grip on them. After that we dug a huge dungeon into which we dumped the men from the other side and set them afire. FINALLY the heist had been completed and our pride graciously reclaimed.