The crowd was huge. Almost everybody in the cottage was out in the open. What devil wind had blown those people into our land! The entire place was in utter chaos. The only similarity between us was that we wanted the same thing: vengeance. All we needed was a leader. Someone to lead us in the fight against the enemy. Someone to spearhead the quest to reclaim the pride we had lost. My father would have been an undeniable candidate but his demise left us hanging. Seeing that no soul was ready to step up, I took the mantle. So I took the mantle and started!

“Listen to me my people! I dare not say that wisdom and power is my monopoly before your very grey hairs. I dare not seek solace in the notion of bravery. For bravery is a farfetched dream for me. You are the brave men of this cottage whose pride has been taken away by the enemy. There is not an air of doubt in the fact that you lot are the most intrepid men in this cottage. You have it in you, in your eyes, in your hearts, in your souls and swords to reclaim the pride and respect you have lost. The enemy lurks not far away from you but behind those bushes. Today I tell you all, that, with no objective to disrespect your bravery and standing I shall lead this army to victory. We shall reclaim our pride! We shall take back that which the enemy has stolen from us! I shouted with my hands in the air as the crowd of brave men showered upon my head a standing ovation. 

So it was agreed then that I shall lead the army. Knowing how crafty and smart the enemy was, I put forward the best strategy anyone could ever conceive.

“The enemy is crafty and smart. They have the best weapons but we have our bluntly sharp swords and our women who await the sound of our victory songs. So we shall deploy ourselves into various groups and attack them from all cylinders. We shall conquer them before a new day arises. The darkest hour will be their darkest doom!”