Alone in a room by the side of a dead loved one is a fate no one would envy. But somehow it was my fate. I fell back into a chair of sadness. I was broken and torn inside out. Tears rolled down my eyes until they flooded my clothes. Rage faltered my tears. In my eyes hatred lit its cue. My eyes flamed and glowed with hatred. In my heart vengeance built its ark. There was only one way parity could be restored; by taking back the lost pride and subjecting the people who killed my father to no less than a similar fate. 

After blubbering on and rage taking its toll on me, I rose up from the chair of sadness. Quickly I veered back to the kitchen and to the corner where we kept our tools hostage. I took the sharpest weapon amongst the cluster; it was so sharp it could barely cut a leaf into two. I still took it! I hurried downstairs to the back of the house but there was neither a soul nor footprints. I searched the entire vicinity but there was no evidence of a silent invasion.  What was the crack I heard? Who killed my father then?  It all didn’t make sense. Maybe I needed to think it through so I decided to go back upstairs and bestow upon my confusion some deep thinking. As I turned to leave, instinct nudged me back. When I turned backwards again I saw footsteps. They were evidence that indeed some people had invaded us silently and stolen our pride. 

Quickly I slammed the door to the house shut and hurried down the footsteps on the ground. It was my only hope and chance at completing the vengeance I sought after. The path meandered around several tree trunks and lonely rocks. I realized not only were the enemies sinisterly they were also shrewd and articulate in their wicked ways. After winding down the paths with my fainting light I was in the clear. In the open I saw a lot of people. Anger flared in their eyes. I realized they were my people. They had also suffered a similar fate as that which the enemy found expedient to shower upon my head. The only difference was that I had lost my father in addition to losing my pride. We were in the same boat.