The disgusting liars had purloined our pride. We had left them in the hands of the sovereign Lord and also kept them deep in the ground. But with so much disrespect for he who breathed into their lungs the breath of life, they stole our pride. 

Heart pounding, my legs bare holding onto my stature I ducked the lamp away and hurried upstairs. If I got my father together with the tools we had, we could hunt the very shameless geniuses who had the temerity to steal our pride. Kicking my way through the dark and abusing the clay-made equipment and barely seeing anything, I dashed into my pale-skinned father’s room. 

When I entered the room, there was somber silence, dead silence. It was surprisingly quiet he slept; not a crack, squeak or sound. Such cemetery-like silence. There was a lamp by the topside of the bed, and I could see him lying on the bed as though he was dead. Sleep and death are similitude indeed. 

“Father they stole our valuables,” I shouted trying to wake him up while stopping the sound of tears in my voice. 

“Father please wake up!” 

“Father wake up we need to go and get them!” the man didn’t move an inch. He looked like a lifeless leaf. 

“Father please wake up!” my pitch was at an end as I called, and fear was building up in the pit of my stomach. 

For the last time I garnered all the energy I had in me, “father!” I shouted as loud as my voice could go, but the man still lay, not responding. My fears were heightening. If it was some game he’d better quit before I joined the dark realm beyond our world. 

-Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry!- I told myself that as many times as there were stars in the sky. 

When your loved one passes on to the land beyond. There is that trance when you don’t believe the reality before your very eyes. Fear starts to build up in the pit of your mind, hot tears builds up behind your pupils and by the time you realize it, you’ve broken down into a pile of tears. After minutes of trying to revive a lifeless soul, the reality of it struck me. My father had passed. It was a mysterious misery. The man was quietly asleep before the crack in the basement. It was unbelievable, yet real. 

I dared not think for a second that the same white-gowned imposters from the other side of the bridge would not only heist our pride but also sadistically sniff life out of my people. The men dressed up in white gowns had lied to us enough. They had killed my father. It was about time they paid for their inhumanities!