Long ago there came a horde of men in white gowns. Some had ugly beards and others neatly cut beards. Some were repulsive-looking while others epitomized beauty in its truest and uncompromised form. They came from across the other side of the bridge. They came when we were asleep in our comfortable beds: Sleeping away our stress of the day, left our rear unguarded and our resources in the hands of the Sovereign Lord. Later they would call us ignorant and naive for leaving them in the hands of he who created all of humanity. They promised us everything we needed and would ever need. 


It was one misty night. I lay on my dismal bed thinking about nothing. I was waiting for sleep to do its thing on me. As my eyes were about to bestow the beauty of sleep upon my soul, I heard a crack in the basement. I woke up upon hearing the crack. I took the almost dying lamp and dashed to the kitchen. There wasn’t a soul I could spot there except lifeless clay-made pans and utensils. I thought about calling on my old pale-skinned father but what would a man of his standing do? So I took the initiative. I walked down the basement to a place where there was a hole. It was the hole in which we kept our valuables; gold, diamond et cetera. It was a well-crafted round hole into which we slipped our glistening pride. 

I set the lamp beside me and took a tool with the sharpness needed to carve out the exactness of the hole. With every dig my heart quivered. With every noise the tool made upon hitting the ground I felt like our pride had been submarined away from underneath our snoring souls. My fear could be heard through my ears. Sweat gave me an ugly treat as I dared to open the ancient hole of pride! Finally the mainstay of the hole was in sight. Finally reality beckoned: whether or not they’d stolen our pride. When I dug the last dig, reality shook its walls and unto my head they fell. Every ounce, every inch of our pride had been dabbed away by the men in white gowns. The very men who promised to leave our lands in our own care and give us freedom which knew no bounds. They had conjured a mighty heist and purloined our pride away. 

©Evans Khojo Kwofie