It started like a tale,then it began to grow. It was wild and it jumped from lips to lips. The Ghost weekend. It was established off stammering lips, toned with scared cords. It happened every weekend in Delapa high school. A male boarding school. Young student had told tales of they been victimised by this scary creature. Who they have reported to be growing in Size. 

Now it was the third year. The ghost weekend was stronger than an established fact. "The ghost. He is real." freshers would say. "I saw him. He is tall and wide. I look into his eyes. He has blood pouring out of his eyes and nose." Some would also say. "I saw his shadow. He is real" Someone had said while reporting to the principal. For good 3 Years a ghost had been appearing in Delapa high school. Everyone else except the students didn't believe the story. This never stopped the so called ghost to cease scaring life out of the freshers. 

The fourth year crept in and the ghost story grew stronger. No fresher goes out at night on Fridays and Saturdays. They all never wanted to burst into the Ghost. His shadow and creepy voice was enough to make them freeze. 

Frank, James and Rufus knew all what was happening. They knew more about the Ghost weekend. They had spent Six solid years in that school. They knew the Ghost weekend. Wasn't just any tale. It was realer than been alive. Since It started few months after they got admitted. They were keen on bursting the ghost ass with all they had. They knew who it was. But far off their reach were proofs to officially stop the ghost weekend.

"There is no ghost in here" frank had angrily said one morning to one of the junior student. Who had bed wetted and had complained, saying. "Sir. I could going out. It was the ghost weekend and I forgot to hiss my self before i went to bed"

If it wasn't Eilris it was going be no one else. Frank had made a research with the help of James and Rufus who happened to be the prefect of Hillary Hostel. The very Hostel Eilris logged, and they had noticed, Eilris was always not in bed on Fridays and Saturdays. Eilris wasn't just going to be bursted like that. Frank had a better plan. 

Eilris was their mate. In fact he was the current assistant senior boy. Bursting his ass was going to be hard, but they had to. "Where were you last night" Frank had asked Eilris on a Saturday morning after prayers in sacred heart chapel and Eilris had replied. "Why were you looking for me." I was just in your block. Came down around 2pm. You weren't there." "That's too late. You shouldn't be walking around at that time" Eilris had fired Frank in self defence, before he hacked up a lie. "I go out almost every night to read." Eilris had lied.

It was a cold Friday, the first week of December. The Christmas was fast approaching so was Delpas in a hurry to let go off their students. The xmas carol was in a week time. 

Just in one of the classes on the sixth block. Which was in between Raphael's hostel and the school toilet was Eilris. He sat on one of the tables and he studied his face to see if the powders he had on was enough. The lights and the windows were opened. Eilris applied some red poster colour on his face and he didn't stop till his face was thick and heavy. He poured powder on his face afresh. Then he looked like a ghost out of the Arctic.  He pulled off his night wear and he slipped into his ghost custom. He stuffed a black nylon with his night gown, pulled opened one of the lockers whose owner had not locked, then he slammed it close. A bang noise broke through the silent atmosphere and he frowned. He turned around to make way for the exist. When the lights went off. Weird!

He looked around confused in the dark class. Then he looked through the window. He noticed the other classes on his block had light. His sharp eyes went straight to the direction of other blocks then he noticed there was also light. -The control switch must be faulty- That would make him more invincible. He was going to turn the light off any way. He stopped dead in his track as he windows began to close up all by it self. His heart thumped faster, almost jumping out of his chest. Sweat began to break out of his thick ghost makeup and he was left with no better option than to panic. The door flew opened and his heart broke into two. His breath grew harder as he began to run out of options. All he had left was to run. A real ghost wanted the show today- He thought. He ran out of the opened door and on getting to the passage. He lights in other classes went off too and the light in his class went on. He moved away with his back and soon he was falling off his feet as he stepped on a banana peel.

 A thin image appeared in the end of the passage. and he held a shrill from it. It was a real ghost. He got up to his feet for a run back into the Hostel blocks. When he heard another sound behind, totally blocking his path. 

Eilis ran off towards the 8th block which was adjacent the 6th block. He didn't stop running till he was in the packing lot. He was resting on the red school bus and a peak up truck was opposite him. He gasped from breath. His hands on his kneels and his mouth wide opened as he took in large amount of air. He felt he was now safe. His legs were wearing off, he felt pain in his limbs and he finally fell on his kneels he let out a cough in fear leaned forward, his hands taking the same position with his kneels.

Eilis heart smashed off as he felt a hand, holding unto his leg. He screamed. That was the first thing he could do. He broke free and he jumped up his feet. He was surrounded already. Over 15 figures were closing him up in a circle, some were still trapped under the car as they crawled out. The figures had white faces and they were in tore shirts and trousers. They looked like chips who just escaped the cemetery border.

One of the ghost jumped out of line and he matched, staggering towards Eilis. Eilis tightened his fist out of fear and he swung it at the ghost jaw. That stopped nothing. It was like attempting to fell a tree with one stone throw. They all rushed at him angrily and before they touched him. He had let go of himself. Fainting as he fell into the ground. 


"Elieeeeeeee" a faint masculine voice called him by his nick. He struggled to flick open his lashes, when the sun's ray hit his eyes. He smashed them close quickly and he felt his breath. Then his ears came alive and he began to ear a lot of  Murmuring and mumbling. He got off his back in a blink, forcing his eyes opened. The whole of the school had covered him up in a circle, with the prefects trying to make an hedge for him. "He is up" someone yelled from the crowd. Eilis looked at his body and he noticed his ghost costumes were still on. "No No No" He muttered to him self. He touched his face. He could feel the paints sticking to his hands. He looked up to the sky and he screamed as he heard an approaching ambulance siren. He knew he was going to have his first ride in an ambulance that day. 

Eilis was belted to a carrier and he was wheeled into an ambulance. Frank winked at him as he took his face off the principal's who he was in a tight conversation with him. Frank was busy explaining how, where and when they found Eilis.

That was how the Ghost weekend became a tale always to be told to every fresher at Delapa high school.

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya