A tall hairy man with scanty gray hair stretched on the arm chair opposite a desk. He leaned forward and he smiled at the joke he had just been told by the doctor seating behind the desk in front of him.

Their conversation ended after twenty more minutes and the tall man stood off his seat immediately. He looked extra happy and his mood was like that of an ant who had just been partially locked up in a bottle of sugar. 

The doctor looked terrified. His deep eyes carried a note of anxiety and his unstable hand rested on his desk as he stood up to his feet. He shook hands with the tall man and he spoke.

"Famous! I wish I could help you this time around." He said. He watched the tall man throw a smile, starting off the corner of his lips. The doctor wished it was someone else he was attending to. 

Famous slid his hands into his suit and when he withdrew it. A cheque book followed. 

He filled a page of the cheque book with inks and he tore it out. He dropped the torn leaf on the desk and he walked across the room towards the exit. He held on to the knob extending off the door and in an attempt to pull, he knew his grip was failing. -Just give me today.- He thought. He stepped into the hallway with over five huge men in suit. They all had a wire running out of their suits, then going around their ears. 

They used a large elevator and in few minutes they were on the top of the scrapper. A chopper was waiting. Famous got in with just two of the men in suits and the rest waited and watch the chopper take off with it's blade following a trend of energetic whine. 

He asked about his schedule and this was what he got.

"Sir. A speech in Hong Kong tomorrow. That is the most important for the week. The Hong Kong government specially called for your availability."

Famous sniffed, he rubbed his hands against his chin and he felt the sagging flesh around it. 

He sat back and he took a deep breath, reflecting. He went on assessing the back room of his greatness. How he got his first job with an airline company where he had worked as an online marketer, boosting ticket sales. How he got married at 29 and how he had his first and only daughter at 30. It was a sweat experience that got ruined when he loosed it at 33. He got sack at a very critical stage. Where he had his hands full. He had loans in sacs and dept pilled up, hitting his roof. He loosed his house and all that he had, at 36 even his wife left him with his kid.

His struggled ended at 40 when he struck gold on his thought line. He worked with an app developer who built an app that could enable people book flights from the comfort of their homes. All he did was to sell the Idea to big companies who would not have a day pass by with non of their officers having to reach places official choppers could not. And a year later he had already built a marketing firm that could sell a pitch of salt to any body for 2 dollars. A lot of companies sorted for him. A lot of manufacturers looked for him. Soon he became a public speaker. Every body wanted him to come to a launching or a gathering and tell people about not giving up. To tell people what striking gold along the thought lime was all about. 

But he never went back for his kid and his wife. He shut them out of existence. Neither was there a way they could reach him. His wife Bridget had tried thousand of time to just have a second with him, but she was always been blocked. 

Famous got to his office at 11am and at 11:30am He was flying down to L.A to receive an award. 

He could feel something strange from within, but the glory and the people all around, made him force himself to stand. He sat all through, the only time he stood was when he was called to receive the entrepreneur of the year award. 

He flew back to Brooklyn before 5 and by 6 he had been driven home. 

He called his personal assistance for a talk. He gave a length speech making his P.A feel like he was in his boss' funeral and his father was ditching out words to calm his soul. He been the closest person to famous after he had losed his job. They both got laid off off the airline company years ago.

Famous finished his speech and he did a hand over that night. He made his PA assume position of the CEO and he took public speaking duties as his responsibility.

"We got here together." Famous had said.

He got up immediately after lunch the next day and he asked one of his drivers to take him to his daughter's school.

He saw her principal and after a lengthy explanation. He was allowed to see her. 

He took her into his car and he didn't spend much time convincing her he was her dad. She was already 6 When He left. He promised her a lot. And he allowed hold his hands. He told her things were going to change and he asked if her mum had said much about him to her. She confessed they had never for once talked about him.

"Any time I try to raise the topic. She glares, so I go mute. I really can't say if she hates you. But she has your picture in her purse, her diaries, her books even her bible." 

He could smell, his family had been through a lot and they made his eyes wet. He held her hands and he laid a kiss on her cheek.

"Are you finally back." She asked.

"Yeah." He replied

"I learnt she left you."

"Yes she did and I have forgiven her." 

He slid out of his suit a note containing an address and he asked her to give it to her mum. He let her down and he asked his driver to ride off.


5:39 pm 

A cab rode down a private road in an estate and the driver pulled the breaks getting in front of a mansion. Bridget got out thanking the driver and she paid him off. It was a surprise the gate was opened and cars were packed all over the compound, camera men, reporters and journalist were everywhere.  She spotted an ambulance far off and a man wheeled up to it and her heart sank. She rushed towards the ambulance and she got terrified at the faces she saw around. They all looked like they had been chewing up tears for days. 

Two men in suit stepped forward and they blocked her path.

She had sighted Famous body been belted to a stretcher. Now she would be unstoppable.

"Let me go. He is my husband." She shrieked causing a lot of neck to turn for her face.

A bald man in suit moved hurriedly towards her and he called her name as he got nearer.

"Bridget!!!" She recognized the voice and she looked up. 

"It was Harry, her husband's friend who had come to beg her when she walked out of the marriage years after her husband was sacked. 

He pulled her away to a corner and he made her lean on a wall.

"He just died." He said at once. He looked up to her and he held her down knowing she wanted to tear her self apart.

"He's dead!" She said to her self over again as she wallowed in pain.

"He has been laying dead for over 2 hours in his reflection chamber. No one noticed. He said he wanted rest and when I got back to check on him. I saw him dead."

She wasn't listening to him. The ambulance siren came on and she felt the left part of her head was eating up the whole sound.

"I am sorry. But I believe if you never left. Famous would still be famous." Harry said. He watched her hug her legs as she sat close to the wall with stream of tears running rapidly down her cheeks.

"And I doubt he made provisions for you. He only mention Megan name every time we talked about his properties and his will. I think I have a clue on how he wants everything divided." Harry added.

He slipped out out his suit a white handkerchief and he laid it on the floor close to her.

"Make sure you don't miss his funeral. You never stayed when it got difficult. I know you might stay away this time." He said, then he walked away.

Bridget found it hard to get up to her feet. All of Harry's word stung her deeply. They all were bitter truth. Her face had gone red and she could not help but pull the handkerchief  Harry had drop closer to her self.

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