The quake began a second after a mad driver drifted an old Volvo into one odd and archaic transformer downtown. The shake was massive and everything was falling apart. 

Far off in the street was the delving of the greatest disaster ever. The town was eating up itself. The roads were cracking and the water bodies were eating up every bridge. With a pillar against each other the city gradually crumbled to dust. The town's gate was long gone and the trees were laying across major roads. 

It was happening everywhere. Nowhere was spared. 

You could smell the end. Motorcycle used the slightest chance to get off across crooked route.

Mothers wailed in search of their children while fathers were fixing a thing or two. Roofs blazed from end to end, and electric poles were crashing off into the dams. 

It was like terror after a rainy night. It did rain tears and blood. Tear and blood came from every corner of the city with bodies littering the streets. 

A short old lady gambled into the last room off an hallway. She already had the door yanked open, with a large wood in her hands. She had blood running down her hands and she dragged her legs noisily across the room. 

A fat man with a bulged belle was asleep at the other end of the room. He was the woman's target. She shook as she managed to hold unto the wood. 

The fat man was deep in his sleep and his snore as deep and unhealthy. His hands were dropping at both sides of the bed and if not for his snore one would have thought he was dead. 

She grabbed the wood and she raised it above the sleeping man's head. Her eyes was filled with hatred,   distrust and rage. This was her moment of revenge. It came at her weakest moment, but she wasn't going to spare the man who had ruined her life. Killed all her unborn children and raped her at every chance he had. The wood went far behind her and it came quickly for the fat man's head with blood splashing over like the unveiling of a spring.

© Godwin Okhuoya